If you often hear all the benefits of this aquatic activity, before starting scuba diving, you should know the side effects of his practice.

Indeed, scuba diving can cause irreversible damage and cause unexpected side effects.


The obsessive desire to dive: it can cause irritability and impatience when it is not satisfied. The dive addicts know it well: we talk diving, we think diving, we eat diving, …

You are not convinced ? I suggest you read urgently THIS ARTICLE or THIS ONE to convince you of it.


The buying fever: everything goes!
It is a devastating effect of diving practice. If you thought your shopping costs were sometimes high, get scared, when diving you could spend indecent amounts of money on little things to hang on your wrists (well I agree these computers can also keep you alive 😁)


Too much wonder: scuba diving will de facto get you into a world of excess where you will be able to say “it’s downright crazy I saw a fish behind a rock 😍” (when the diving duration is 50 minutes in the dark and cold without seeing anything)

This boundless wonder is irreversible and incurable

Social life

Friends for life in scuba diving, it does not fail in this world of enthusiasts.

Besides literally and figuratively, your partner is also there to ensure your safety.

But be ready to have only divers around you (the others will be too fed up to hear you tell all your wonderful dives)

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and I am sure you will find many other side effects to the practice of diving.

Not even afraid ?

So you can get started

Do not forget to be happy 🤗


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