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You know you are REALLY addicted to diving when.

Addicted to diving, a lot of diver can’t do without diving.

I can’t deny it—I’m addicted to diving. The rush of descending into the depths is irresistible. The weightlessness, the silence—it’s addictive. Every dive leaves me craving more. I find myself longing for the ocean’s embrace. It’s not just a hobby; it’s a passion. I’m hooked on exploring the underwater world. The beauty and mystery below the surface captivate me.

The vibrant colors, the diverse marine life, it’s mesmerizing.

I can spend hours underwater and still want more. It’s like a drug—I can’t get enough. My mind constantly drifts back to the ocean. I dream of the next dive, the next adventure. Being underwater feels like home to me. It’s where I feel most alive, most at peace, really addicted to diving characteristics. The ocean calls to me, and I can’t resist its allure. I’ll go to great lengths to indulge my diving addiction. From planning trips to saving up for gear, I’m committed. I’ll travel far and wide in search of new dive sites. I’ll brave rough seas and inclement weather for a chance to dive. Nothing can quench my thirst for diving. It’s a part of who I am—a fundamental aspect of my identity. I embrace my addiction to diving wholeheartedly. After all, there are worse things to be addicted to.


1 When your motto in life is:

… just an interval 😉

2 You are addicted to diving when the smell of neoprene is quite familiar to you, you recognize it among all the others and you breathe it almost with happiness.


(almost I said :-))

3 When you buy a camera only after checking if a housing is available for this model

Would not abuse it anyway 🙂

4 When you can no longer consider a holiday away from the ocean: he guy are you crazy or Addicted to diving !!!

Ocean, sea, lake, river, quarry, … Yet you are not complicated 😀

5 When shopping comes down to visiting the local scuba diving shops

Is there another form of shopping? Really ???

6 When you dream of seeing under the Christmas tree or for your birthday a gift with the strange name of “regulator”, “fins”, “drysuit”, “dive computer”, …

… even if you have everything you need as diving gear for a long time 😉

7 When your wardrobe crumbles under the piles of T-shirts bearing the effigy of the centers where you dived (yes, yes, promised, next time you will not take more …)

… and you put them on the slightest occasion …

8 When you hear NITROX, NITROGEN, TRIMIX or OXYGENE without this reminding you of a chemistry course, there you are totally addicted to diving.

Clearly, it has nothing to do with it, do you doubt it ?

9 When photos of morays, sharks, nudibranchs, gorgonians and other fish have replaced those of your children and / or partners in your holiday photo albums

… And it’s been a while since it started !!!

10 When your favorite conversations revolve around levels, consumption, material, dive computer, diving spots, … And that bother people around you.

Do not be in bad faith, you know it’s true 😉

If, yes, it’s really true

When all what is said above seems natural to you … there, you are REALLY addicted

… and YES, you were told that you are really addicted to diving

Something to add ?

Mmmm …

Post a comment below … and tell us what shows you are REALLY addicted to diving

Good bubbles and do not forget to be happy 🙂

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