Diving is a world of enthusiasts who quickly become addicted.

You know you are REALLY addicted to diving when …

1 When your motto in life is:

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… just an interval 😉


2 When the smell of neoprene is quite familiar to you, you recognize it among all the others and you breathe it almost with happiness

(almost I said :-))


3 When you buy a camera only after checking if a housing is available for this model

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Would not abuse it anyway 🙂


4 When you can no longer consider a holiday away from the ocean: he guy are you crazy !!!

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Ocean, sea, lake, river, quarry, … Yet you are not complicated 😀


5 When shopping comes down to visiting the local scuba diving shops

Is there another form of shopping? Really ???


6 When you dream of seeing under the Christmas tree or for your birthday a gift with the strange name of “regulator”, “fins”, “drysuit”, “dive computer”, …

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… even if you have everything you need as diving gear for a long time 😉


7 When your wardrobe crumbles under the piles of T-shirts bearing the effigy of the centers where you dived (yes, yes, promised, next time you will not take more …)

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… and you put them on the slightest occasion …


8 When you hear NITROX, NITROGEN, TRIMIX or OXYGENE without this reminding you of a chemistry course

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Clearly, it has nothing to do with it, do you doubt it ?


9 When photos of morays, sharks, nudibranchs, gorgonians and other fish have replaced those of your children and / or partners in your holiday photo albums

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… And it’s been a while since it started !!!


10 When your favorite conversations revolve around levels, consumption, material, dive computer, diving spots, … And that bother people around you.

Do not be in bad faith, you know it’s true 😉

If, yes, it’s really true


When all what is said above seems natural to you … there, you are REALLY addicted

… and YES, you were told that DIVING gets you really addicted


Something to add ?

Mmmm …


Post a comment below … and tell us what shows you are REALLY addicted to diving


Good bubbles and do not forget to be happy 🙂


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