Deux combinaisons en Néoprène pendent sur une pancarte

It’s always the same thing

I dive mostly in a dry suit because the climate wants this in my little Belgium and the surrounding area. And in my dry suit there is enough room 😉

But when I have to use my wet suit, 5mm or 3mm … I regularly feel that the neoprene has shrunk.

Oh, neoprene is not shrinking? These are really my extra pounds that prevent my body from slipping aesthetically into my suit?

And yes, we must face the obvious, the neoprene does not shrink.

If like me, sometimes you have a little too much appreciate the gargantuan summer meals or nibbled all the wonders with the aperitifs, it’s time to react.

1 The best solution

Quickly lose the pounds insidiously added to my body before they settle down for good: after all, you had not invited them
It is the opportunity to get back into shape by adopting a healthy diet and doing more physical activity (promised, I will choose this solution 🙂 ). This is beneficial for health and it improves safety during dives. Good physical condition being a factor limiting the risks of shortness of breath, for example during the dive (and when you put on your wet suit)

2 Intermediate solutions

Use the tips and tricks to simplify the donning of the dive suit :

  • A few drops of soap (biodegradable) in a bottle of water and there you go. Pour a little on your feet and your legs and your body will slip easily into your wet suit.
  • The plastic bag : pass your foot in a plastic bag to make it fit easily. Do not forget to remove the bag before going diving 😉
  • Panty-style stockings : same effect as the plastic bag (but possibility to leave them during the dive)
  • Buying a new dive suit : after all, if the neoprene does not shrink, it will age and become less flexible. This may be the opportunity to invest in a newer wet suit especially if you are happy with your new weight.

3 The worst solution

Stop the practice of diving until you can easily slip back into your dive suit ; the ostrich syndrome is waiting for you and the risk of not resuming diving activity is real.

Do not choose this solution and continue to dive !!!


I must admit that this summer made it less easy to put on my wet suit.

As of today I choose the solution 1

Who else is in my case ?

Post a comment below … it will be my pleasure to exchange with you live 😉

Good bubbles and do not forget to be happy 🙂


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