Les rêves de plongeurs se résument parfois à rencontrer une tortue comme Hélène ici dans les eaux de Bonaire.

Diver’s dreams

A Monday morning I asked on my page: what do you dream of? Because the weather was gloomy and grey, I wanted to know diver’s dreams to inspire me and give me a boost of motivation to start my week.

Diver’s dreams… What are they thinking?

Ending containment and finding others

If for the moment our life is governed by this small virus, our dives are also subject to recommendations to dive with COVID.

This does not prevent diver’s dreams to escape to an existence without prohibitions: no more restrictions of movement, no more tight schedule, no more curfew… Find back a daily life where human contact is a priority. Where we can hug those we love.

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Go back diving

Many of us (those who don’t like to dive in cold water,for example) have stopped diving for more than a year. Or at least for many months.

diver’s dreams are often simple: find contact with the aquatic environment. Feel the water on the skin, listening to the sound of the sea, admiring the marine life, exchanging with his favorite buddies…

Others are also thinking about completing or resuming training.

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Diver’s dreams naturally turn to travel and discovery.

Waiting the borders to reopen and go to the end of the world to explore the most beautiful diving destinations known or less known. Going to new horizons, try new experiences such as diving in cenotes  or diving in the Silfra fissure

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Dropping everything and leaving

It is a recurring dream among enthusiasts: to change life and leave to live on their passion.

Diver’s dreams are many. They care for others, health, friendship, diving, travel, sharing…

What are your diver’s dreams ?

Tell me this in a comment on this post so we can dream together.

And above all… think about being happy 🤗

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