Certains plongeurs prennent des risque pour pouvoir aller plonger comme ces trois plongeurs sur les rochers

Be able to dive: the craziest things we’re willing to do

Diving is about enthusiasts. Sometimes divers are able to do crazy things to be able to go on with their passion. When people are asked “what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to  be able to dive?”, the answers can be surprising or even extreme.

Focus on the answers of the craziest things we do to dive


  • Flying to Lebanon on a whim to dive on a wreck
  • Travel 3.400km for two dives. And take the opportunity for a professional training
  • Drive 2.000km in three days to dive under ice.
  • Leave wife and children at home to go to the Reunion island for a diving training in the middle of January.
  • A day after a party, drive three hours to go diving. Get woken up by another diver because on arrival we had fallen asleep in the car.
  • Drive 450km on a day with my boat on the trailer just for one dive
  • Move 8.000km from my home to enjoy the seabed in warm, clear water all year round.
  • Moving to Colombia
  • 6 trips to the Caribbean… The same year.

Very clearly, many of us (me too) regularly ignore the carbon footprint when it comes to dive in an unusual and/or distant place. Should we ? 😢

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Pouvoir aller plonger partout autour du monde

Family life

  • Divorce so you don’t have to choose
  • Go diving on Sunday morning and tell your kids ‘go your own way for breakfast’
  • Tell my beloved that I’m going to dive when she’s planning something else…
  • Going alone to Sicily for my PADI open water training. Leaving my terrified husband and children at home…
  • Spend 10 years persuading my husband to start diving… And succeed !
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Hélène et Adrien s'apprêtent à plonger en famille


  • Do the dishes very quickly so you won’t be late
  • Offer my services to pick up golf balls in muddy waters of the golf courses, brush the hulls of boats at the dock, walk people in a herbarium 5m deep … So it is impossible for me to wait between two dive trips.
  • Working like crazy for 7 months to afford a trip to Seychelles. Make a car accident the day before departure without thinking about taking out cancellation insurance. To bad I can only watch images of the sea on TV.
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Le matériel est prêt pour pouvoir aller plonger


  • Leaving my job but also my family and my country… To do a job in the diving industry.
  • Drop my job where I earned my life to become a diving instructor and cave explorer… And earn much, much, much less money… But what a life.
  • Take a job once retired for the pleasure of diving in warm waters.
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Des plongeurs se dirigent vers le bateau sous l'eau


  • Lie
  • Sign up on the diving training group, tricks and other small pleasures … To share with other diving addicts.
  • Having waited too long before I started.
  • Get up very early while I’m on lholiday… It’s so beautiful a twilight dive
  • Leave my diving gear in the car. Every day I work and then I go diving.
  • Get up at 4:30 a.m. to go diving… Just before work.
  • Ask my boss for days off. Make it clear that this is crucial. Add that if he refuses I plan to find another job compatible with my passion
  • Insist to go to Kuala Lumpur for my job and spend a weekend in Sipadan.

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Pouvoir aller plonger pour faire les fous dans l'eau comme ce plongeur


  • Diving when I didn’t have my diving gear with me. In a dive center I didn’t know in Africa. My buddies are  Russians met the day before. After many checks (BCD, computers, safety stop,…), stay the whole dive next to my buddy.
  • Land in Mauritius at 6am. Go diving two hours later. When back around 10:30am, I fell asleep until 4pm!
  • Dive while a tropical storm is forecasted!
  • On a diving cruise, do one last dive when I know I’ll be in NO FLY for another 4 hours when in the plane. (I know, it’s not good)
  • Sign up on a diving cruise for a training. This while I have seasickness.
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Certains sont prêts à prendre des risques pour pouvoir aller plonger

One person answered the question of what he had done crazier to be able to dive and say: Nothing is ever crazy enough to dive. So…

Diving addicts seem to have no limits when it comes to putting everything in place to be able to dive.

And you, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to be able to dive?

Tell us in a comment below to share it with as many people as possible.

And most importantly, don’t forget to be happy 🤗


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