Il est important de savoir comment s'équiper sur un bateau de manière à garantir la facilité et l'aisance comme Hélène ici sur un bateau en Indonésie

How to prepare for a dive on a boat?

While it is not always easy to understand how to prepare for a dive on a boat, there are simple gestures and habits that can help us.

On a diving liveboard  Sophie, a non-diver who accompanied her husband watched us every time we were preparing to dive. One day she asks me about my way of equipping myself and tells me that I always prepare with ease and without complaining by stating:

“You’re getting ready like 1-2-3 or like a manta ray”

Well, if the picture is pretty, it makes you smile. But don’t ask me exactly what that means. Although I still think I know that 1-2-3 means easily and manta ray means with grace.

Sophie told me this in comparison to the way other participants were equipped on the boat just before diving.

However, I had not noticed anything special on how to how to prepare for a dive. The members of the group  were people who were used to get ready fast and acted, in my eyes, with sufficient ease.

The only thing I had observed was that, although I regularly arrived last on deck, I was often the first ready waiting with a smile and good humor the delicious moment of immersion. I was, for the time being particularly fast. Although I must admit that this is not always like that during my usual dives from the shore in Belgium.

Also, Sophie’s remark about how I was equipped and the comments I made afterwards led me to ask myself the following question:

How to prepare for a dive fast and with ease?

Of course, the experience and the habit will be of great help to you to understand how to easily equip before your dives. But there are simple tricks that will help you.

  1. Preparation
  • Be on time how to prepare for a dive. (It’s easier on a cruise, I admit it)
  • Ensure that everything has its place (organization)…
  • … And know exactly where everything is.
  • Have all your belongings in one place in accordance with the instructions of the boat’s staff. Avoid scattering and having to wander from one end of the boat to the other to pick up your belongings. In addition, this habit will also prevent accidents, falls caused by equipment that hangs around.
  • 80% of the success is in the preparation. Therefore, do not neglect this point.
  1. Material
  • Prefer a modern, flexible and easy-to-put diving suit. The old rigid neoprenes  are hard to put on. They will waste your time and energy when threading.
  • Anticipate any problems (keep a reserve mask, ear drops, a box of o-rings,…)
  • Have equipment in good condition and don’t forget to maintain it. Avoids, for example, having a strap or o-ring that brakes at the last minute.

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  1. Team spirit
  • Call on the team to equip yourself. People who stay on the boat and/or your buddy will generally be inclined to help you if you need a hand. Don’t hesitate to ask them for help and explain how to prepare for a dive.
  1. Protocol
  • Pay attention to the dive briefing. Most of the time, you’ll learn more for a worry-free dive.
  • Be attentive to the order of getting into the water and to the way it should be done. You don’t have to hurry if you know you’re part of the last one to get into the water. Conversely, if you have to immerse yourself first, don’t hang around. Make sure you arrive on time and equip yourself directly. This will avoid a lot of last-minute stress.
  • Know the rules of jumping into the water: How to step in the zodiac on a cruise? Who to give your camera till you are in the water? Where to make your giant step? Where to sit,…
  1. State of mind or how to stay zen
  • Be sure to foster a peacfull environment.
  • Stay focused at least when equipping yourself.
  • Stay zen. Stress will only serve to make you make mistakes or forgetfulness. It doesn’t matter if you take a little longer than the others. The main thing is to go at your own pace, in complete serenity.

This list is not exhaustive and I am sure that you too have tips and tricks to help divers understand how to prepare for a dive easily on a boat.

Do you have any ideas on how to get ready easily when on a boat? Are you more of an organized type? Or, on the contrary, not at all?

Tell me your best stories in a comment below on how to prepare for a dive. It will be a great pleasure to read to you.

And above all… don’t forget to be happy 🤗


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