Des blocs de plongée sous-marine prêts à être utilisés par les plongeurs

What do I do with my gear during the winter if the water from the sea and / or lake is too cold for me?

Winter is the ideal season to maintain its geart. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the 10 points of vigilance for the maintenance of your material:

1. Store your gear :

What could be more practical than having your gear readily available? If you do not have a room dedicated to diving, find in your home a small space where you can centralize the equipment. Do not hesitate to be creative to optimize space. Purchase convenient plastic bins to store your favorite gear. Some models can be stored in a “DIY shelf” style shelf. Prefer a separate storage “wet” and “dry”. A little trick: some “shoe racks” very easy to fix to the wall are ideal to dry the material after the diving; Gloves, booties, masks and regulators can drain and dry quickly.

2. Check the tank test dates

And have them re-tested if necessary.

3. Maintain your regulator by a professional

If this has not been done for a year and / or 50 dives. Check the quality of the O-ring and ensure that your octopus is also functioning properly. This is an important piece of your gear.

4. Check your fins :

Are the straps and / or springs still strong enough? in good condition ? … If not, plan to replace them

5. Sort suits :

No need to keep suits too small, too large, too worn. If they are still in good condition, offer them to an associative structure in your area or sell them on a second-hand site to make you some money for future purchases.

6. Maintain your wet suit that is an important part of your gear

Pass it through the washing machine to rinse it with fresh water and lubricate the zippers.

7. Dive Computer :

Consider changing the battery if necessary. Check if the available updates have been made

8. Jacket :

This is the right time to take care of your jacket; rinsing in depth (inside and outside), checking purge operation, lubricating inflator buttons, inspection and repair of pockets, seams of straps, etc.

9. Checking the condition of your gloves

…and storing them by thickness. If you use dry gloves, remember to also lubricate the closure system if necessary.

10. Gear accessories :

As all of your hardware, accessories must also be checked from time to time: Is your knife still sharp? Is your whistle still in place on your jacket? Does your SMB show signs of wear?

Maintaining your gear participates in practicing your passion with more fun and safety.

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