Un plongeur seul dans le grand bleu tente d'acquérir de l'expérience en plongée.

Scuba diving experience

In 2018 (and since a long time already). It’s possible and easy to acquire a scuba diving certification during a short week of vacation in the sun and come back home with a nice C-card.

Of course, and without entering into sterile debates about so-called “commercial” certification agencies. Scuba diving freak will understand that it’s not reasonable to think that one is really autonomous up to -20 m after a hand full of dives.

And, fortunately, divers who go through these training courses are most of the time aware that their certification card is a passport. An open door, to the activity that they must therefore practice to improve it.

Since our childhood, we have been told that “training is everything“. (probably also a little to make us love school ). And it goes without saying that the best way to gaing diving experience … is diving.

So here are some tips to help you better develop your diving experience. And to improve your attitude as a diver in different situations you may encounter.


The first as mentioned above is to practice scuba diving. Nothing will give you more experience and ease than diving again and again.

Be open to all proposals and take every opportunity to dive.


If possible, change buddy as often as possible during your training (and afterwards as well). Although it may seem safe to practice scuba diving with the same person. It is by multiplying the different situations and people with whom you dive that you can acquire good reflexes, better vigilance.

A word of advice. For the choice of your buddy, favor those who develop attitudes of divers who enjoy (more intensely and stronger than others)

Variety of scuba diving

To vary the scuba diving experiences is certainly an excellent advice. Diving in cold or warm water. Drift diving, ice diving, wreck diving, diving in cenotes, deep diving. All experiences are good to take and there are many that will please you.

And if you prefer warm seas. Try to make one dive with a bit of current, one night dive, one dive with another buddy, …

The more you will vary the situations and the more you will gain experience.


Throughout your training and well after (always?), Stay open to the ideas and perceptions of others. Leave your mind free to think for yourself and about what suits you best in scuba diving practice.

If your certification agency force you to do something you don’t feel or think not relevant. Go somewhere else, read about it, talk to others … be open and curious again and again.

What if you  go on with another training agency  to see what’s happening elsewhere and get the most out of each philosophies?


To be able to give up a dive that you don’t feel. To dare to express your fears, to know your body and its limits, to avoid a series of mistakes you should never make … all good advice that will also allow you to progress positively in the practice your favorite activity.

And never get locked into the world of silence!

Convinced to practice scuba diving?

So what will be your next scuba diving experience?

I can not wait to read it in a comment below this post

And most importantly, do not forget to be happy today and tomorrow


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