Un plongeur qui veut passer un niveau 2 de plongée.

The adventure goes on with your second level of diving

You enjoyed your first underwater experiences. And do not want to stop there? You want to have your own equipment, test new dives, fill your logbook and watch the many destinations to discover? You are struck by this virus that will probably take you to wonderful places all around the globe. Maybe you should consider taking a second level of diving.

Indeed, once the first level is realized, it is now time to earn your second level of diving to continue evolving in your aquatic passion. This will undoubtedly be a gain in increasing your confidence in you. For experienced divers, learning new techniques and discovering new environments will provide unexpected pleasures, which is why it is important to carry out your training with an experienced Instructor.

With NAUI, 2-3 days (6 dives) of training for certified divers seeking new challenges.

No formal theoretical session during this Second level of diving course will enable you to reach this new objective.

This course will lead you to obtaining the Advanced Scuba Diver certification allowing to evolve up to 30 meters deep with your buddy!

This training, accessible from the age of 15 includes,

– The ability to use basic diving techniques.

– Basic use of dive tables to optimize planning.

– The acquisition of rescue or assistance techniques.

– The ability to navigate underwater.

– Using its logbook

– Proper use of equipment

If this Second level of diving training allows you to experience diverse dives, it will necessarily include an orientation dive, a night dive (or with low visibility) and a deep dive (maximum 40m). In addition, it will allow you to participate in the planning process and the execution of quality briefings and debriefings.

Wow! Imagine all the discoveries you can make!

Ready to continue the adventure with this Second level of diving ?

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