Le visage d'un enfant en plongée

Very often, we hear about  ADHD. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, can cause difficulties at school, social, personal or family adaptation.

For families, ADHD kids represents a major difficulty in education and can cause a lot of pain, especially because of failures and rejections that the child is more likely than another to face.

In some countries, solutions are put in place in the accompaniment of children. Of families and at school to help children suffering from ADHD, however for sporting activities, it can be more complicated.

However, practicing a sport and / or leisure activity is interesting for the good development of all children. With or without specific needs. Therefore for those suffering from ADHD too.

Diving, a wise choice of activity for children diagnosed with ADHD ?

The child with ADHD likes to move and discover new things. Taking a child with special needs to explore the seabed is certainly a great idea but can not be improvised.

In article 10 good reasons to promote scuba diving in children, I drew the benefits of the practice of this outdoor activity for children.

Like any other child, the child suffering from ADHD will benefit from diving activity as long as we can adapt the activity to its specificities and to the diving specific needs

Needs of children with such a problem

Children suffering from ADHD have so-called “specific” needs that we can not ignore for the proper conduct of sports.

  • Being able to move : Moving is a primary need for the ADHD child because the movement allows him to stimulate his attention. It is therefore important to design the diving activity without too long periods of stillness. No long theoretical classes but rather theory directly into practice.
  • Receive feedback quickly and regularly: at the end of each session. The child needs to receive precise feedback on his / her action. What are the points to be improved but, above all, what are the positive points observed by the instructor during the session.
  • To receive positive reinforcement: when it succeeds in carrying out an exercise, to remain calm, it is important to reinforce the behavior. This can go through an activity that he particularly enjoys at the end of the course, …
  • Emphasize the action and reduce endless talk. With a child with ADHD, more than with any other child (although this is beneficial for all children ;-)), use short, clear instructions. Banish long speeches, go straight to the point with precision.
  • Active listening: this is a very effective technique with children as a general rule, active listening will make sense here; listen carefully to the child and send him back what you understand from what he tells you
  • Stimulation to re-motivate
  • Be reassured => the routine is also reassuring 😉

Diving with such a child, an activity under conditions

Sports instructors and other volunteers are not (always) trained to supervise those children with special needs who are sometimes still seen as “poorly educated” children.

Integration into a group can also be difficult for these children who “disturb”

Also, in the interest of success of the activity, if we must of course take into account the specific needs of children suffering from ADHD, it is also essential to seek help from experienced professionals. If they are not used to the the specificity
of your child, do not hesitate to talk to the diving instructors on this subject and explain. It’s so much better when you understand what’s going on.

Conditions to dive are

And above all, being patient with a lot of courage … and a lot of love and humanity from the instructors who will supervise the ADHD child but also parents who will part of  the experience of their child.

In 2018, our society must be inclusive for all children whatever their difficulties or peculiarities.

Is your child diagnosed with ADHD and diving? Tell us this by leaving a comment directly below … it will be a pleasure for me to exchange live with you on this important issue for our little wolves

And above all … do not forget to be happy  

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