Un jeune plongeur fait le signe ok sous l'eau

Scuba diving is a wonderful activity for children.

In a previous article. I gave 10 good reasons to encourage scuba diving with children. Where you could regain self-confidence, development of cognitive skills, emotional skills, psychomotor skills. And a greater respect for the environment for your child.

However, while I am convinced that the diving activity is adapted to the children.   The mistakes not to be made in diving with this particular public. It’s not always easy to maintain their concentration and attention throughout the immersion or to make their dive unforgettable.

While some child will be immediately interested in the environment. Others will tend to have more difficulty channeling their energy. Wriggling in all directions at the risk, for example, of damaging the environment around them or have trouble concentrating and understanding the beauty of the aquatic world.

I remember very well my dives with my 12 year old daughter who spent her dives singing and tumbling in the water.

Her singing and tumbling added joy to the dives. It’s heartwarming to share such experiences with a child. Their wonder and enthusiasm bring a new perspective to diving. Children’s innate curiosity makes every dive an adventure. They see the underwater world with fresh eyes. Their excitement is contagious, making dives even more magical. Singing underwater must have been a unique experience for her. It’s a testament to her playful spirit. Tumbling in the water like a carefree mermaid must have been delightful. These moments create lasting memories for both of you. Diving together strengthens your bond as parent and child. It’s a special way to connect and create shared memories. Through diving, you’re nurturing her love for the ocean. These experiences will stay with her for a lifetime. It’s moments like these that make parenthood truly rewarding.

Also, to make their dives interesting and captivating. Here are three tricks that work very well when diving with a child.

Light source

Whether you offer them a dive in good viz waters or in darker waters. Giving them a torch to let them explore the environment is a great idea.

This will prevent them from living their dive in “static” mode. And they will be unparalleled explorers to find wonderful sea creatures. In addition, if your torch is connected by a cable to the battery pack. It also acts as a wrist strap (but without pulling on it to avoid damaging it of course)

Observation game for your child

To watch with them the fauna and the flora that he is likely to observe during the dive on a submersible plate and to carry it with you. It will make your child concentrate on everything.

And why not invent a sort of “aquatic treasure hunt”?


Allowing him to borrow your camera. (if it is not too heavy, too fragile, too cumbersome or too complicated) is a great pleasure for your child. Born in a world largely dominated by the image. It will be able to take pictures which could well surprise you. In addition, it will allow him to compare what he saw with what appears in the books. Developing, as a result, his sense of research, observation, … and why not the love of underwater naturalist .

Here is how I was surprised by the pictures of my 12 year old son who wanted to borrow my camera just “to try”

And you, what are your tips and tricks tested while diving with a child?

Leave a comment below to explain your best discoveries in this area

Above all, do not forget to be happy


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