Plonger et manger du poisson, une contradiction ?

Diving and eating fish: a contradiction?

As a lover of the oceans and marine life, I recently asked myself whether diving and eating fish and other seafood was a contradiction.

A friend of mine used to say “fish are friends not food”

As far as I’m concerned, sole, sea bass, salmon, codfish,… but also lobster, scallops, whelk,… When I mention these names, I imagine the bottom of the oceans,  but sometimes also succulent dishes. And I enjoy tasting  the specialties during my travels around the world.

And yet, diving and eating fish, isn’t that contradictory?

For divers, being in schools of fish is just fantastic. The richness of marine life amazes us and we have never ceased to rave about the species that are so numerous in front of us.

Except that our eyes may not be able to admire such a show. Unless you can move far away in isolated and still unspoiled areas.

Not long ago, I saw Hugo Clément’s report “on the ocean front”.  In this film defending the cause of the seabed, it is announced that 40% of the fish caught are caught by mistake and will therefore not be consumed. They will die unnecessarily… What a waste!

Responsible for the depletion of marine ecosystems in some parts of the world, intensive industrial fishing is obviously pointed at. Just like other practices just as damaging (shark fishing for fins…)

For example, I wrote an article on the Marquise fishery and the misunderstanding of the population in face of the authorization of decision-makers to allow fishing in a hitherto unspoiled area. Trawls were on their way to  catch the stocks of fat tuna…

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Fish caught especially for the consumption of sushi.

So you could say that it is about Asian countries. Nothing would be more wrong. At home sushi bars are growing everywhere. Supermarkets even offer sushi catering services. Sushi has a good press and its reputation as a healthy food helps its development. However, the preparation of sushi and its consumption require ultra-fresh fish and lead to a lot of waste (what is not sold is quickly thrown away).

Another example of fishing endangered species is that of Internet users who recently rebelled against a French restaurant owner who made a picture with a shark over 90 kg. He stood next door and opened the dead animal’s mouth, touting all the dishes he was about to make.

So of course, it revolts us,  but if he cooks this … it’s because people eat it!

Une sole tropiche dans les eaux de Bonaire

Can we love diving and continue to eat fish in good awareness?

Should we, as diving enthusiasts, feel responsible for participating in this impoverishment, in this overfishing?

That’s the question I asked myself, because  I love scallops, gratinated oysters or succulent fish fillets. On top of repeating again and again seafood is healthy, from a taste point of view, it’s really delicious too.

And then I see these images, I’m aware of what’s going on. I also read or watch reports explaining fishing conditions and how fish die in nets.

Poissons dans les eaux de Bonaire devant un bateau de plongée

What can be done to resolve this contradiction?

The most radical solution is to stop eating fish and other seafood.

Another option is to eat only fish caught with a line. And as a result, industrial fishing is at odds.

Pay attention to the fish you eat, read the labels and learn about the status of fish stocks. Prefer those who are not endangered.

Pay attention to what is in the display when shopping in mass distribution networks. Take what is less sold or be creative by choosing what is left at the end of the day. (And that will have a reduced price not to be thrown away). I recognize that it is not always easy to cook “what comes our way.” But it can also be an opportunity to raise awareness among family, friends, … on this waste of ocean resources.

And no longer participate in this huge waste that is not a great respect for animal life.

Finally, we can also encourage and support the creation of marine protected areas.

Un poisson perroquet à Bonaire

Finally, my choice

So finally, when I inquired about this and took the time to think, I was able to consciously make my choice.

It occurred to me that I no longer wanted to participate in this waste of resources and this non-respect for life and I decided to reduce a lot my fish consumption. Completely in my daily life and almost when I’m outside depending on the conditions and possibilities.

It is my choice and I will of course never judge those who do otherwise.

Just that I’m tired of telling myself that the world is going crazy and that I’m staying in supermarket looking at all this.

And for you, does diving and eating fish represent a contradiction?

Tell me this in a comment below

And above all … don’t forget to be happy 🤗