L'affiche du film Seaspiracy

Shock report: Seaspiracy movie

Millions of marine mammals, turtles and sharks die by accident every year… Shocking testimony report, Seaspiracy movie jostles through many information given and certainly does not leave indifferent.

While it is true that storytelling and the emotional side are present in this movie, this production aims to present without taboo and with talent issues denounced for years by the scientific community. And the movie is a hit.

A testimony that touches

Lobby of industrial fishing using processes that destroy the seabed and yet largely subsidized. Shark fin fishing that decimates populations of large predators. Quasi-mafia organizations. Dolphins captured for water parks. Numerous “accidental taken”. Labels “sustainable fishing” useless or deceitful. Associations that fight against “windmills” and do not focus on the real problems … the slaps you take while watching Seaspiracy movie are numerous and the awareness is difficult to avoid.

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Awareness due to Seaspiracy movie

Even though we have long been reminded of the urgency of defending the oceans and preserving marine underwater life, looking at this reality is something powerful.

When I watch this movie, I realize that virtually no organization defending the oceans advises its members to stop eating fish. This surprised me the most.

What other solution do we have to offer against this intensive fishing ? I think just and simply to stop consuming seafood.

The author of Seaspiracy movie, the Englishman Ali Tarbizi, was certainly courageous in many ways. Indeed, denouncing all these inconsistencies when we know the amounts committed in these commercial practices or the protection of the oceans is certainly not without consequence.

My choice

I have always enjoyed fish dishes. However, since the end of 2019 I have made the choice to remove from my diet everything that comes from the sea. Far from identifying me with either vegetarian or vegan movement. But rather a decision to try to change this way of life that causes suffering, the impoverishment of the planet and the ingestion of contaminated food (micro plastics and heavy metals for fish).

What can we do?

In practical terms, the solution of stopping eating fish advocated by Seaspiracy movie will not suit everyone. However, we can choose to invest in strong and clear actions. Prefer to support protection organizations that are fighting clear and strong battles. Participate in actions that aim for real changes like this game-changing initiative for sharks… Or any other creative ideas that can go a long way to preserving the oceans.

Everyone must act according to their scale of values and beliefs. However, there are certainly no judgments to be made about the choice of others. This, even if the urgency is there and knocks on our door. As a block buster of the Netflix platform, the film Seaspiracy is debated and wins as many endorsements as rejections. Proof that the subject of intensive fishing does not leave indifferent. 

Haven’t seen Seaspiracy movie ? I can only advise you to watch it.

Tell me in comment directly below what you think of this film and intensive fishing.

But above all… remember to be happy 🤗