Dépolluer les océans est un objectif à atteindre d'urgence pour garder des écosystèmes riches et attrayant comme cette mer chaude.

While it is now clear that human pollution is affecting even the deepest ocean basins. Let’s focus on the great innovations that will help us clean up the oceans, seas and lakes:

#Oleo Sponge

The ocean sponge that will clean up the oceans by absorbing oil and diesel. And then recycling it, is for tomorrow. This very large sponge did capture the entirety of oil and diesel during the tests carried out in New Jersey.

A very beautiful project and innovations expected to fight against the oil spills and to clean the ports, …


#Mr Trash Wheel

A funny little craft that makes the buzz in Baltimore.

Mr Trash Wheel with his look of small mouse makes it possible to collect all the waste (of which a large majority of plastic bottles and cigarette butts) which are then recycled and transformed mostly in energy. Among nice innovations.


#The Ocean Cleanup innovations.

It was the very young environmentalist Boyan Slat who had the brilliant idea to take advantage of the current to bring the waste to a gigantic 100-meter long barrier, capture them in a true three-meter deep curtain and then retrieve them for recycling.


The Manta is a fabulous quadrimaran capable of capturing in a kind of comb of 72 meters, collect, compact and transport up to 150 tons of waste.

Imagined by Yvan Bourgnon, a talented sailor who has already completed a round-the-world trip in another project, Manta is currently being studied as possible action and innovations.


#Project Rescue Ocean innovations

Professional fireman and diver, Benoit Schumann created the association Project Rescue Ocean whose objective is to raise awareness and intervene in polluted places. It launches actions appointments via its youtube videos and manages to mobilize the world.

The objective, through actions carried out, is to raise awareness and empower people, particularly through the education of the younger generations.


The list is not exhaustive of these tremendous innovations that are struggling to clean up oceans, seas and lakes but what a pleasure for divers to see positive outlook for the aquatic environment that we love so much.

What if we stop polluting ?

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