All divers know octopuses.

These strange octopods

Have the characteristic of an entirely soft body (except for its beak used for cutting). Eight arms (tentacles with two rows of cups) and great intelligence. In effect, octopuses would be able to learn. Memorize and even deduce simple paths like opening a lid to catch the food contained in it

Octopuses live in all the tropical and temperate seas of the world. It is therefore fascinating for divers to discover the variety of species that make up this family of marine molluscs. Living near the bottom hidden in the rocks, hidden in wrecks or on the sandy bottoms up to a hundred meters, the octopuses come out of their habitat only to eat or to move. They live only a few years but have a rather strong reproductive capacity: up to 500,000 egg after a couple of hours, not bad, isn’t it?

Octopuses feed mainly on crustaceans

And can double their weight every three months, this obliges them to find a new shelter.

If during your dive explorations you discover their hiding place, do not disturb them, it may contain the eggs assembled in a cluster that the female fixes to the ceiling of her shelter until they reach maturity ( About 6 weeks). Octopuses are not aggressive with humans even if they are very curious and will not hesitate to come feel your hands with their suckers if you stand still. But do not try to force octopuses out of their habitat … at the risk of damaging their shelter and hurting them.

In order to escape from their predators, octopuses use different techniques: ink projection to make diversion and escape, displacement by propulsion, change of color and / or aspect to camouflage, …

But the most amazing of octopuses skills and without a doubt their ability to move in extremely narrow places.

For proof this amazing video of octopuses realized by the videographer Mike deGruy

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