Le Bahamas vu du ciel seront le lieu de la prochaine édition du Sabbatical organisé par la plateforme Airbnb

Dream mission: the Sabbatical in the Bahamas

Want to live an incredible experience through a dream mission including diving? The Bahamas Sabbatical on Airbnb’s platform is for you!

Airbnb offers 5 positions as part of its Bahamas Sabbatical  program. The project aims to “promote the unique culture of the destination.”

Sabbatical: a 3 steps dream mission

Step One: Restoration of Coral Reefs

The Andros Coral Reef is one of the largest living organisms on earth. Unfortunately, this gorgeous coral reef is threatened by climate change.
Your mission:  to contribute to its restoration. After a training with an instructor who specializes in coral conservation, you will work to restore the reef through the various stages. Sample collection, creation and maintenance of coral nurseries and integration of new corals during your Bahamas Sabbatical
Duration:  3 weeks.

Step two: Responsible fishing in the Exumas Islands

This is a very different topic:  Fighting against lion fish. Of course, if we like to observe them in their native environments, these fish prove to be destructive of the ecosystems they have invaded. This is the case in the Caribbean and the Bahamas. You’ll also learn to be careful with lion fish because they can be dangerous ➡️ Lion fish’s sting
Your Mission: Responsible Fishing Development for this Bahamas Sabbatical. In addition to the introduction to responsible fishing as part of a team of experienced divers and fishermen, you will participate in the revitalization of the sector through the creation of culinary experiences mixing this fish with local products.
Duration:  3 weeks.

Step Three: Traditional agriculture in Eleuthera

Here, you will leave the ocean to get involved in an activity centered on endemic plants and the development of traditional recipes and remedies.
Your mission:  Creating a shop and organizing workshops, that will be your Bahamas Sabbatical. This is what you will have to do through this dream mission. Indeed, with the help of “bush tea” specialist and natural remedies reflecting the African roots of the Bahamians, you will work to preserve this part of Bahamian culture
Duration:  2 weeks.

This dream mission proposed by Airbnb combines three complementary activities: coral preservation, fighting against an invasive fish species by using it in the kitchen and preserving a cultural heritage. An experience that will undoubtedly change your life.

Conditions to participate to Bahamas Sabbatical

  • Free during the period from April 1 to May 31, 2020
  • 18 or older
  • Be in good physical, medical and psychological condition
  • Have a visa fee to stay in the Bahamas and a passport valid 6 months after your return
  • Mastering English (minimum intermediate level)

Deadline to apply

Hurry up, because you only have a few days left to submit your application on the Airbnb platform via this link before February 18, 2020 at 11:59 pm

Feeling ready to try the Sabbatical adventure in the Bahamas?

Share in a comment below your hesitations and/or motivations.

And above all… don’t forget to be happy 🤗