Divers are travelers … Divers like to party … Divers enjoy the discovery … Divers are also “good forks”

… and diving, it digs!

Also, I propose a small world tour of the gastronomic diving because to associate the pleasures it is even better.

I have selected for you 20 dishes typical of “diving” destinations because the pleasure can also be found on your plate.

To share with your buddy, your friends, your accompanying persons, your favorite dive instructors or just by solo, These culinary discoveries are unavoidable to savor urgently

  1. Australia : Kangaroo or crocodile steak for those who dare to eat exotic food, just across the road from the Great Barrier Reef.
  2. Canada : the poutine: dish made up of fries, cheddar and brown sauce. Unusual for non-Canadians, poutine is a typical and consistent dish terribly adapted to withstand cold dives with the gray seals at Percée.
  3. Caribbean : the “dog sauce” accra, a great classic: small dumplings of cod, cassava flour and peppers. They are soaked in a spiced onion sauce. Accompanied by a Ti-punch, it is the guarantee of a successful aperitif after discovering the magnificent dives of Martinique for example.
  4. Coiba : Ceviche: raw fish, lemon coriander, onions. There is as much ceviche as there are people who prepare it. What to feast on leaving a dive off these wild islands.
  5. Costa Rica : the Gallo Pinto: it is the traditional breakfast par excellence. Comprising rice, black beans and eggs (scrambled or on the plate), it is regularly served with a portion of seasonal fruit and fresh juice. All with views of the Santa Catalina islands where you will go diving after breakfast.
  6. Egypt : Koshari: typical dish ideal for vegetarians who do not want kefta at all. It consists of chickpeas, vegetables, lentils, rice and herbs. A real “health” plat. Sufficient after watching the wonders of an Egyptian dive.
  7. Spain : the paella. A rich and tasty dish of rice, seafood and spices. You will also find paellas with chicken, with merguez, … a delight to combine with the discovery of the incredible displacement of the octopus in the Medes islands. As a starter will you get some tapas with a sangria?
  8. United States : It’s impossible to talk about it without mentioning the Hamburger. Diffused all over the world using fast food chains, the Burger tasted on site is composed according to the taste of each and can constitute a tasty dish. Better test it after your dive in the Kelp in Monterey.
  9. France : la bouillabaise: a wonderful fish soup with “rouille sauce” and toast. Perfect to discuss your next dive on the Donator, the Ruby or the Gabinière. If you dive in the north, maybe you prefer oysters?
  10. Indonesia : the Martabak manis: it presents many variants. A paste stuffed with vegetables and meat in salty version for the meal or stuffed with chocolate, banana and peanut in its sweet version. Convenient to taste it as a main dish or dessert. Have you seen the Komodo dragons?
  11. Italy : the pizza. Should we present the pizza? This is probably the most famous dish in the world and is found almost everywhere. Crispy paste, tomato sauce, mozzarella, oregano and any other ingredients to suit everyone’s taste: ham, grilled vegetables, meat, anchovies, seafood, bacon, pineapple … the variations are infinite as well as diving in Ustica.
  12. Japan : sushi: rice and raw fish. With sauces and composed in a thousand ways, the sushi is declined in color and flavor. Soaked in sweet or savory soy sauce, sushi is tasted without hunger and we love it. All that remains is to immerse yourself with the colonies of manta rays of Ishigaki Island.
  13. La réunion : rougail sausages: served with rice this dish consists of smoked sausages broiled and cooked with onions, tomatoes and peppers. A real treat. The Sharks ? Not even afraid !
  14. Mexico: guacamole. Another specialty spread well beyond the Mexican borders. In February, just after watching the sailfish swordfish, guacamole (avocado, lemon, coriander and chilies) will be welcome to accompany all your dishes. You just need to decide: diving in the sea or in the Cenotes?
  15. French Polynesia : Tahitian salad: a succulent dish based on raw fish and coconut milk. Served with a Hinano to recover from her emotions at the end of a dive in Fakarava ?
  16. Russia : Borscht: a cold beetroot soup with fresh cream. Tempted by a dive under ice in the white sea?
  17. Switzerland : country of the cheese, the Swiss will welcome you for a dive in the Lake which will end with a good fondue of cheese (cheese cooked in white wine and flavored according to the chef) served with bread … not to drop in the pot! An alternative will be to feast on cheese fondue served with potatoes, condiments (onions and gherkins) and cold meats, a real good mountain dish.
  18. Senegal : Yassa chicken: well cooked chicken, rice and lots of onions. A delicious simple dish after a beautiful dive in the wreck cemetery of M’Bao?
  19. Thailand : Thai chicken: cooked in coconut milk with local eggplants, flavored with coriander and served with rice, the chicken is tender and melting at will. What a beautiful blend of flavors to enjoy by comparing our photos of whale sharks.
  20. THE specialty of YOUR favorite destination … what is it? Tell us everything 🙂

Convinced that your diving trips are also an opportunity to make other discoveries? For my part, I love to taste the specialties of the whole world. And you ?

… What a great day


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