To escape into the warm seas

When it is cold and gray in Europe, is it not a tempting idea ? And visit Yucatan to see swordfish.

As a theme for the dive of the week. I suggest you to dip your fins in Mexico, off Isla Mujeres: you may then have the opportunity to cross a swordfish, sailfish or Marlin. Warning, if we can observe them from December to March. It is in February that the chances of seeing these rapids hunters are the highest. The sailfish swordfish then evolve at high speed in the sardine banks in full migration. Driven by the warm currents that sweep between the Golf of Mexico and Cuba. Sardines are found in abundance in Mexican waters to the delight of these magnificent predators. Silver-colored, up to 3 meters long and with a weight approaching 100kg, sailfish swordfish is rare to observe. With its “sail”, it can fool its preys and occasionally take advantage of it. To take shelter for example under a manta ray 😲

Sailfish swordfish

Is the fastest fish in the world. When he hunt he flaps his sail and can push spikes reaching a speed of 110km / hour!

If the observation of the sailfish swordfish can be done at very low depths (a few meters), it should be noted that these fish are pelagic and that it is therefore offshore that it will be necessary to go to meet them. Luckily, sailfish swordfish, usually solitary, hunt in groups. If you see one busy chasing, the others will probably not be far away 😃

For this unusual dive in February, why not take the opportunity to visit the Cenotes and / or combine the discovery of sailfish swordfish with the observation of bulldog sharks?

… What a great day 😃

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