Plonger en Martinique permet de voir de beaux paysages comme cette plage avec le bateau de pêcheur amarré.

Discovering the dive spots in Martinique is really a great moment of pleasure.

And underwater expedition of an incredible richness and biodiversity. Moreover, recently, the Marine Nature Park of Martinique was created which will. I hope, be a guarantee of the preservation of marine biotopes.

But diving in Martinique is also and above all enjoying the wonderful atmosphere of this tropical island. Bordered by the ocean on one side and by the Caribbean Sea on the other. Colors, smells, “caribbean clouds”, tropical rains, ubiquitous music, chicken cooked on the roadside, fruit, .. and of course rum and ti-punch.

As of scuba diving, one could say that there are globally two large zones in Martinique.

The north of martinique

The marvelous bay of Saint-Pierre.

Ravaged by the eruption of the Pelee volcano in 1902. The city of Saint-Pierre is now a popular place for wrecks lovers. In addition to spots not to be missed such as the Babodi canyons or the pearl rock. Divers will enjoy discovering wrecks like Bizkaia (ex Gabrielle), Diamond, Dahlia, Teresa, Tamaya (only for TEK divers since the wreck lies at – 85m) … and the pearl of the wrecks of the Caribbean: the Roraima. This immense wreck still well preserved is laid on a sandy bottom of – 60 m. It is so interesting that I decided to dedicate a following article to Roraima.

In order to make these discoveries in the North of the island, if you want to explore all the wrecks. I can only advise you to stay in Saint-Pierre. The well-known diving club Apapadlo in this small town in the north will allow you to make all your dives in good conditions. As a bonus, it is also possible with Apapadlo to dive with NITROX.

The south of martinique

Le diamant city stretches out in front of a long beach of white sand from which one sees the rock of the same name.

The Diamond Rock is a very interesting diving spot. It offers the possibility for divers of all levels to discover rock formations. Passages under arches, … while observing a fauna and flora typical of the open sea.

A little higher up near Fort de France, Les Trois îlets appears as a strategic spot for diving in Martinique.

Close enough to the Diamond Rock, the diving clubs located in the marina will take you to this half day spot. On the other hand, these same diving professionals will be able to organize a day of diving in the bay of Saint-Pierre to give you also the possibility to discover the wrecks that sleep in its seabed.

If you prefer to stay close to the Trois Ilets, do not miss to dive on the wreck named Nahoon. Very beautiful wreck accessible for experienced divers since it lies 35 m deep. It is possible to visit the holds and penetrate the front cabin. Discovering the many sites of the Anses d’Arlet represents an alternative to the departure of Trois Ilets. I had the opportunity to discover the spots of South Martinique with the team of Espace Plongée Martinique. It is a dive shop l like: a comfortable and spacious boat to equip yourself with ease, a smiling and professional team, quality equipment available on board, a planter and fresh fruit at the end of the dive and Walter, a boss who does not hesitate to adapt his schedule to the desideratas of his clients. In short, a team that ensures that your experience meets your expectations.

Whether in the north or south

Fauna and fauna, we are not disappointed by the dives on this wonderful island: gigantic sponges, magnificent “hair of angels”, cucumbers of mottled seas, squid, tropical fish, lobsters, moray eels, lion fish, turtles, solitary or striped barracudas, tuna, and dolphin schools that accompany navigation and play in the eddies around boats.

The variety of sites allows for discover Scuba, explorations or more technical dives. Everyone can enjoy it.

What is the best time to go to Martinique to dive? Difficult to answer. The rainy season extends from June to November but it is not impossible to dive in these periods (there will be fewer people but more likely to find yourself under tropical rains). It is drier from December to May, even if the temperature throughout the year varies between 25 ° C and 30 ° C. The water offers a very good visibility and never goes below 27 ° C which makes it possible to dive using a shorty or 3mm neoprene suit, a real pleasure.

If you want to visit

It would be a shame not to enjoy the stay in Martinique to plan a day on one of the idyllic beaches of the island: the “postcard” beach of Sainte Anne in the South or the huge and wild beach of the Anse couleuvre To the north (in low season it is quite deserted). You can also decide to climb the volcano or visit the gardens of Balata. What to occupy your free time, if you have any left.

Finally, it is impossible to visit Martinique without taking an interest in rum. To my taste, this is the best rum in the world (but that’s just my taste).

Anyway, a visit to distillery is necessary

And you have a choice. To the north, the slopes of the peeled mountain hosts the Depaz distillery in Saint Pierre and Neisson at the Carbet, to the north east, on the ocean side, the JM distillery hides in the mountains. In the south, the rum market is divided mainly between Trois Rivières and La Mauny.

But if there is one to visit absolutely it is probably the distillery Clement, my favorite. In addition to the immense botanical park that surrounds it, which includes many varieties of local species, the estate makes it possible to discover the whole history of the planting and exploitation of the cane by the Clément family. At the end of the visit, you will be welcomed in their shop for a wonderful tasting of many rums and other punches. Difficult to get out of this trap without taking away the precious nectar with the flavors of the sun and the smells of this “island of flowers” which carries its name so well.

It will be just right for the snacks after diving, I guess you agree ?

Diving in Martinique, a real favorite

… What a great day