Des plongeurs partent plonger au NITROX

NITROX (nitrogen and oxygen contraction) is a gas mixture .

Oxygen content for nitrox is higher than the air breathed on the surface (more than 21% oxygen). Very often, this gas is used during liveabord cruses.

NITROX training is regularly offered in diving centers, particularly in Egypt where it is strongly encouraged.

What are the good reasons to dive using NITROX?

1 – Because the breathing gas is richer in oxygen and poorer in nitrogen, you reduce your risks of a decompression accident, this is the major positive effect of diving with NITROX.

2- Nitrogen produces a chemical reaction in your blood in hyperbaric environment and disrupts your reactions and sensations. This phenomenon of modifying your perceptions called narcosis with nitrogen, if sometimes sought by divers, is nonetheless dangerous since it will affect your reactions and reflexes. By diving with NITROX, you will reduce your sensitivity to narcosis. Of course do not try to over estimate your capacity because you are using nitrox.

3- When diving, nitrogen attacks your body and puts it to the test, thanks to NITROX after multiple dives you will be less tired and enjoy your dives better. You can also do longer dives while staying in the no deco curve. Some scientist put forward the fact that the reduction in tiredness might just be a placebo effect.

4 – Apart from the tank that must be specific, you can continue to use all your current equipment for recreational NITROX dives.

5 – As the tank is specific and must be free of grease , you will never taste again in the mouth, you breathe a tasteless and odorless gas. If you should need to charge your tank where no nitrox is available. Use a personal filter to avoid dirt or grease or oil to pollute your tank.

What good reasons to train you to dive using enriched oxygen gas

… What a great time 😃

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