Plonger en fosse, c'est ce que font ces plongeurs en Belgique

Do y have a drysuit?

You live very “north”? Are you a beginner and the idea of ​​immersing yourself in cold waters does not motivate you? You simply want to treat yourself with a lightweight suit when the thermometer indicates cold temperatures? Want to share your passion with your children all year round? To make a intro dive ? Go, let’s try indoor pit diving.

Scuba diving in indoor pit can be a solution.

Scuba diving indoors

It is necessary to practice diving in swimming pools with a sufficiently deep space or in sites exclusively intended for the practice of this aquatic activity.

In recent years, projects have multiplied. Let us take a list of the most remarkable:

In Belgium, Nemo33 is the indoor diving

Nemo offers various spaces of varying depths (up to 33 meters) and water at 32 ° C, has remained for 10 years the deepest indoor pool in the world.

On June 5, 2014, associated with the Millepini thermal hotel in Italy, Y-40 came to dethrone the Belgian space with its diving pit with a depth of 40 meters.

These two resorts offer relatively similar services: hot water, excellent visibility and deep diving areas. All surrounded by other services (restaurant, shops, diving school, …)

Other projects

worth mentioning for indoor diving include the German space of Monte Mare, which offers a space with a depth of 10 meters, water at 27 ° C and facilities for recreational dives. The whole is enhanced with a space “aquatic park” and wellness for non-divers. This is the perfect opportunity to organize a “diving discovery” outing for your children from 10 years old with a nice instructor.

Back in Belgium for the opening of a very special project at the end of 2016. Indeed, the concept of TODI stands out from the others because here you can also have indoor diving. With a multitude of fish all more colorful than each other. If the pit is shallower (it is necessary to stretch the arm in the center to hope to reach the bottom 10 meters), it is nevertheless well arranged (carcasses of cars as wrecks, tunnels, …) but colder . Indeed, the water at 22 ° C forces you to dress yourself well.

If all these structures make it possible to dive lightly during the winter they require to be able to put the hand to the wallet (price between 30 and 50 € minimum for dives sometimes limited to less than an hour)

Finally, in France, we can only keep an eye on the crazy project of Samuel Phelippeau, Charles Mesnil-Merpaux and Manuel Pasquier, who want to create a unique indoor diving in Grez-Neuville, in the commercial zone of La Grée. This project would include a 60 meter deep dive pit! If this project is to start in 2017, the work is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

So to follow …

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