Deux plongeurs occupés à passer un premier niveau de plongée avec leur moniteur en Egypte.

Passing your first diving level: the adventure begins

Once you have completed your first dive, imagine yourself immersed in the underwater world. This is the perfect moment to pass your first diving level and never stop.

If it can sometimes seem magical or almost mysterious, rest assured, passing your first diving level is easier than it seems.

An unforgettable experience

With your instructor, you slowly get into the water. Then, you continue to breathe with the help of your regulator. This, while beginning to feel the magnificent effects of the decrease in gravity; a most exciting sensation.

Passing your first level of diving will teach you in a few days (or over the course of several months, depending on the formula chosen) everything you need to know to dive, explore and discover underwater life. This can be done in theory or through basic exercises. These will allow you to acquire the first good reflexes. Vest and buoyancy management, knowledge of underwater communication signs, mask emptying, proper use of measuring instruments, … All of this will soon have no secrets for you.

According to most certification organizations, you will even be able to dive independently with a buddy. And this, in complete safety, to a depth of -20 m.

For example, within the NAUI organization, the Scuba Diver certification allows you to dive autonomously to a depth of 20 meters. As far as CMAS is concerned, once he has passed his first level of diving, the 1* diver will also be able to evolve to a depth of 20 meters. And this will certainly give you the desire to go further.

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Ready for the adventure?

Tell me how it all started for you in scuba diving in a comment below

And most of all… don’t forget to be happy 🤗

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Photo: Thomas Somme