And it’s the adventure that begins

After “try scuba”, imagine that you immerse yourself in discovering the underwater world. With your instructor, you start slowly and continue to breathe with your regulator while beginning to feel the magnificent effects of decreasing weightlessness; A sensation of the most exciting.

The beginner course will teach you in a few days everything you need to know to dive, explore and discover underwater life, whether in theory or through basic exercises allowing you to acquire the first good reflexes: management of your jacket and buoyancy, knowledge of underwater communication signs, mask emptying, proper use of measuring instruments, …

According to certification agency, you will even be able to follow the training to dive in autonomy with a buddy of at least the same level. And this, safely to a depth of – 20 m.

For example, within the NAUI Federation, the Scuba Diver certification allows you to evolve autonomously up to 20 meters deep. As for the CMAS, accompanied by a Divemaster, level 1 * diver will be able to evolve to a depth of 20 meters.

Ready for adventure?

Le livre Plongée sous marine - L'Essentiel du blog Different Dive.

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… What a great time

Photo: Thomas Somme