Would you like to organise dives and “diving excursions”? Take certified divers on holiday to the best dive sites in the world? Working while traveling? To be able to make your living of scuba diving? Living from your passion?

Good news !

Working with his passion is possible with a Divemaster certification in  your pocket.

Indeed, many Divemasters are engaged full-time or self-employed by supervising certified divers within clubs, stores, diving centers or during “diving trips”. Seasonal or year round all types of commitment are possible. This is how Divemaster training can open up opportunities for you

As a Divemaster you will enjoy day after day the adventure you will share with your divers.

Divemaster training may be a goal in itself or a step towards instructor training. A great way to live your passion.

Want to stay informed about the possibilities of working in diving?

Le livre Plongée sous-marine L'Essentiel Different Dive.

… What a great time 😃