Les tombants de Zabargad en Egypte.

The remote spots of the Red Sea

A lot of people love to make shore dive at Abu Dabbab Bay where they can observe giant tortoises … Sometimes they take the boat for the whole day to explore the impressive spot of Elphinstone. For those who prefer liveaboard,  the wrecks of the north or the BDE circuits have no more secrets. Less frequented, the remote sites of the southern Red Sea deserve our full attention. 

In August I was invited to discover the Exocet. The Exocet of Diving Attitude is this boat that so proudly bears its motto “Dive  as you like”.  From ultra-leisure diving to technical diving, everyone will dive with pleasure and safety. A business as I like. 

On top of the great pleasure of meeting a warm and professional team, I had the chance to dive in spots in the Red Sea that were sometimes almost forgotten.

Because they are too far away, too complicated to access or simply not “touristic”, these spots are nevertheless well worth a visit.

Focus on three spots to (re) discover

Remote sites : Zabargad and Rocky

I told you about it in an other article. Zabargad and its neighbor Rocky are among my prefered dive sites in the Red Sea. This ultimate feeling of being isolated at the end of the world. This sparkling blue lagoon and the birds twirling above our heads. I feel so happy!

Un zancle prend la pose devant un plongeur sur un des sites reculés de mer rouge.
Le lagon de l'île de Zabargad.

The spot of Farsha Wadi Gemal so beautiful in the early morning

One morning, we are briefed on the spot of Farsha Wadi Gemal which is part of the remote sites of the Red Sea. This one is rarely dived, because, it seems, it needs very good conditions to dive. We are lucky. We are alone and the sea is calm.

The spot is a little deep and the reef is always underwater. With my buddy we are exceptionally the first team underwater (while our moto is rather the praise of the slowness).

During the briefing we are told we could see BIG fish. We go around a splendid coral potato and begin to evolve on a long plateau.

The current is mild, so we swim slightly on the edge to protect ourselves from it. We reach the tip and we suddenly find ourselves facing a school of barracudas coming from the deep sea. All around us, a life in abundance, zancle fish all around us I don’t know where to look.

This spot of Farsha Wadi Gemal generates an almost magical atmosphere. Probably one of my favorite spots in the Red Sea.

Le site de Farsha Wadi Gemal fait partie des sites reculés de mer rouge où il est rare de plonger.
Le site de Farsha Wadi Gemal avec ses couleurs éclatantes et ses plongeuses.

We are at a depth of 25-30 meters. Slowly think to ascent. We also are very prudent to avoid braking corals. On the plateau we see in the distance the other divers and then this school of barracudas always so impressive.

First in the water, we are also the first to start the ascent. As we arrive on the rope, I turn around and see “the cluster” of divers with whom we are having this great week.

Plonger sur des sites reculés de mer rouge mais en palanquée.

The spot with anphors

Did you know that there are sites that are little known, little immersed and sometimes even little referenced?

During the cruise, between a dive and snorkeling with dolphins, Stéphane, instructor of the Diving Attitude team, Tech specialist and wreck enthusiast, offers me to come with him to a spot “out of program” on a remote site. I am always up for this kind of plan when the security conditions are present. So inevitably, I say YES.

He warns me: “It’s not extraordinary, but it’s nice”. But I see above all the joy in his sparkling eyes and that,” is worth all the gold in the world.

Here, no rope, no buoy or so. Just the knowledge of the place that allows Stéphane to find his way around. We do not wait to get into the water and come across a sandy bottom full of anphors.

I do not know if it is the exceptional of this moment “out of time” on a remote site just the three of us, the passion in stéphane’s eyes or the discovery of anphors that I like the most. But what I am sure of is that it was an unforgettable dive for me.

Sur des sites reculés de mer rouge, il est possible de voir des amphores comme celles-là.
Stéphane, instructeur sur l'Exocet au dessus d'amphores en mer rouge.

Other remote sites discoveries …

There are a multitude of things in the Red Sea (and elsewhere) to explore and discover far or closer to the usually dived spots. What if we let ourselves go to explore them?

Do you like the remote sites of the Red Sea? On the contrary, do you prefer safe bets?

Tell me this in a comment below or on the Different Dive Facebook page

And above all… think about being happy🤗