Casser du corail en plongée est ce qu'à fait cette plongeuse qui en est désolée.

Breaking coral while diving: the day it happened to me

When you are passionate about diving, breaking coral while diving is almost sacrilege. And yet…

Dream conditions

It was a simple dive in the warm and calm waters of an island at the end of the world. No current, no particular difficulties… No, none of that.

For the occasion, I tried to put into practice what I had learned during my photography classes and focused on the different settings: ISO, aperture, focal length …

If I had been at the surface, you would have more than likely seen my tongue out of my mouth as a sign of intense application.

Breaking coral while diving: just before

Still, that day, I was diving along the wall and seeing my buddy a little behind in the back. With the light, it made me feel like I was evolving in a wonderful painting.

When suddenly, in front of me, a beautiful coral potato, nice and flat. What a dream for a picture. Immediately, it seems perfect to make a wonderful shot. I turn around and look that nothing hinders my setting up (I don’t want to damage anything). Then I let myself go down gently to frame the coral with the divers on the back.

The camera is heavier and bulkier than my usual camera, so I’m especially careful.

I feel like I’m going to have the right angle so I’m still tilting a little bit, … just a little bit. I use my breathing to get to the exact position I want. This, without breaking coral or damaging other underwater wonders.

And I push the trigger to take the photo. Wonderful, that’s it, it’s in the box. I’m very happy and looking forward to seeing what happens.

Always in balance, I step back to not break anything and turn a quarter to the right, towards the sea.

And there, disaster …

I see it (but too late) my fin that hangs this piece of coral that has not asked anyone anything. Iit breaks and tumbles into the depths of the ocean.

“Damn” I exclaim in my regulator

I have been doing underwater photography for years, I am careful  not to break coral and/or disturb marine animals. And now this piece of innocent coral has died of a stupid clash with my right fin.

Breaking coral while diving: how to avoid it?

So of course, some will want to comfort me (because they are particularly nice). They will tell me that compared to what the fins of turtles are doing for example, braking a coral after so many dives, it is not a drama.

And yet, in my heart as a lover of the oceans, it is.

Everywhere we see divers taking with them, go pro, cameras … For remembrance or passion, everyone wants to bring their most beautiful images to the surface.

Unfortunately, many will cling to corals, disturb marine animals, trash sites, …

Because thousands of Instagrammers are destroying the oceans, let’s not take the risk of harming the environment.

And then think: do you really need this image? As far as I’m concerned, this particular day… my photo was, moreover, completely missed. How stupid I was !

Have you ever damaged the seabed?  How did you experience it? What did you do about it? …

Tell me all via a comment below directly on the blog. I always respond to everyone with joy and good humor.

And above all … remember to be happy 🤗


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