Des plongeurs s'apprêtent à s'immerger dans un plan d'eau

Recently I read a comment of a diver (advanced) who gave his advice to perform a diving technique (no matter which, it’s not important)

Some surfers with higher certification (also instructors) pointed out that it was unwelcome for an advanced scuba diver to give advice to others.

Is that the case ?

Of course, someone who is not yet confirmed in diving will certainly give more basic “advice” that will be related to his reading, to what his instructors have taught him and / or in connection with his few experiences,

Of course, the risk that these “tips” contain erroneous elements is real,

Of course, a level 2 with 30 dives will certainly have less knowledge and perspective than an instructor who has made thousands of dives,

Of course, giving “advice” when one has so little experience, and none in the training and pedagogy of diving, is somewhat awkward (it is better in this case to talk about feelings or personal experiences)

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Of course, a diver who has not completed his training and has not learned to transmit should be careful in what he says or write so as not to potentially mislead less experienced divers.

However, as far as I’m concerned, I like to listen to the opinions of those who are new to diving. I like their way of questioning the certainties of some instructors…..

In my opinion, no question is a “stupid question”, no “advice” given even in a clumsy way should not be rejected without being analyzed and never, never we should stop to question ourselves.

The certainty of experienced people would sometimes gain finesse to be jostled regularly by the questions of newcomers in the world of diving.

But above all, even if it would be better for a beginner not to give “advice” on a formative mode, it seems to me fundamental that the right to express oneself, to reflect, to advise, … is not reserved for instructors only.

So you who are beginner or diver with little experience, do not hesitate to question, question, … because you have, you too, the right to speak and you participate, therefore, in the continuing education of your favorite instructors 😉

And if together we had the best chance of positively changing the wonderful world of scuba diving?

And most importantly, do not forget to be happy 🤗