Une femme qui souffre de problèmes d'oreilles en plongée.

Problems of ears when diving are really unpleasant. Ears are ultra-sensitive points for scuba diving enthusiasts. If we have certainly all been confronted one day with a hearing pain that prevents us from performing a beautiful dive or simply diving, there are tips and tricks to follow to keep our ears in good condition.

Prevent problems of ears when diving

If you usually have sensitive ears, protect yourself by wearing a hood and / or applying some diver’s balm before each dive. A drop of sweet almond oil can help too.

  1. NEVER dive during a cold or congestion of the nasal airway. It is very important, do not dive during a cold, sinusitis or other infections that can affect the ducts of the middle ear. The same goes for the release of a cold; give yourself a few days between the end of your cold and your dive to make sure your ducts are not stil clogged. This will prevent you, for example, from having an alternobaric vertigo at the end of the dive
  2. Clear and clear again your ears, do not wait for discomfort and / or ear pain before equallizing. Better more than not enough. if you do not want to have problems of ears when diving.
  3. Favor soft methods to equalize the pressure in the ears: swallowing or soft Valsalva …
  4. Never force to equalize the pressure in the ears: if it does not work, we go back to a depth where no discomfort is felt and we wait until it gets better
  5. If we can’t clear the ears, we end the dive … Do not panic. There will be many others dives but  we only have two ears ! Avoid problems of ears when diving
  6. It’s sometimes forgotten but regularly blowing through the nose also contributes to equalize the pressure in the ears …

After diving, do not forget to rinse your ears with clear water.

And if despite all, it is regularly difficult for you to clear your ears, a visit to the ENT is certainly a good idea to avoid problems of ears when diving.

Could we regularly check our divers ears as a prevention?

And above all … do not forget to be happy