Un enfant qui fait le signe ok sous l'eau parce qu'il est heureux d'apprendre par le jeu.

Learning to dive is good, having fun doing it is better like a game.

Everyone does not have the  luck / opportunity and / or the wish to get trained for a diving level once a year during a week of vacation. Like a real game.Many of us choose the option of learning in a club and meet more or less regularly to work the technique, review the basic gestures, dive during the weekend, … or simply have fun with friends.

If this option is interesting, it can sometimes be experienced as long or boring when the same exercises are repeated from one week to another. Also, it may be wise to find ways to make learning to dive fun especially with audiences like children and teenagers.

And if we introduce the game into learning to bring joy and pleasure to the diver candidate to reinforce what he has learned, to master his stability, his buoyancy and ease underwater, to promote mutual aid and creativity, to develop the concept of buddy …?

In order to make you want to vary your diving exercises during your training, here are 15 games ideas to train you while having fun:

Identification game:

learn to recognize the largest number of fish (directly during an open water dive or by posing pictures at the bottom of the pool)

Logic game:

completely undo the strap of a jacket and ask the divers to think together to reassemble it by slipping the strap in the belt loop

Construction game:

apnea at shallow depth: redo an underwater puzzle: put bolts, screws, … at the bottom of the pool and make a “model” that will be on the surface. As a team, the divers will have to go underwater one after the other to realize part of the model

Board game:

domino, cards, …

Removals: Candidates divers must bring objects from one point to another by doing exactly what they have disassembled. Of course, the instructor took care to take a picture beforehand. The closest team to the base model wins the game 😉

Disguise: during occasions like carnival, Halloween, Christmas, … the candidates divers are invited to come disguised the way he wants

Route of address:

to make a course of address where the diver must experiment several aspects of diving with a tank: pass under and over an obstacle, to give air to another diver when asking you to do so, …

Underwater hockey, football or rugby

Initiation to photography:

give a camera to a student diver during a dive increases concentration on what surrounds him. To be tested in the pool to become aware of the buoyancy.

Relay races:

in simple kicking, by towing a buddy, then two, then three people…

Game of the rope:

two teams pull on each side. The first to pass the middle wins (work of the kicking while having fun)

Treasure hunt of all kind

Orientation game: ideal outdoor environment with a course prepared in advance

Aquatic bowling, frisbee, tennis, …

… it’s YOUR game / trick to learn to dive while having fun. So what is it?

We might wrongly believe that the game is reserved for children

While adults will also enjoy learning how to dive through the game. Also, do not deprive yourself of using the few above ideas  to play during adult lessons and include many more. It’s a safe bet they will have fun 😉

What if you shared your best tips for learning to dive while having fun?

Feel free to share it in a comment below to share it with a maximum of people

And above all … do not forget to be happy

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