Lier plongée et astrologie permet-il de déterminer le profil de ce plongeur évoluant paisiblement à Bonaire ?

I had fun describing the profiles of divers according to their zodiac sign. Based on the classic descriptions of astrology and signs.

And here’s what it gives, astrology and diving

Aries first Astrology sign

Passionate, courageous and hard-nosed, the diver born under the sign of the ram has not stolen his reputation of leader and will be a perfect guide. He will be ready to take you to the best spots for your greatest pleasure. It is said of him that he acts head down but maybe because he is fast and energetic. However, even if he shows willingly discreet, you will have to consider his face sometimes extreme and impatient that could play tricks on him. Be careful not to neglect the planning and briefing of your dives for example ;-). Astrology ?

With him, there is no question of procrastinating: so, will we dive?


Born under the sign of stability and love of nature, the bull diver is a quiet epicurean who loves peace and serenity. He will appreciate the tranquility of the oceans and underwater life. Of a rather calm nature, the natives of this sign do not appreciate the changes. He prefers to dive “as they are used to”. After all, it’s always been good for them, right?

Do you understand… 😉


Unfairly enjoying a reputation for instability, the diver born under this sign is proving to be a champion of adaptability. Communicative and versatile, it will make a pleasant buddy inclined to discover new diving techniques. Not stingy of words, he will like to tell you his dives in full and broad and will quickly understand the interest of the signs to communicate under the water.


If the element attached to this sign is water, the native cancer diver is a sensitive and intuitive diver. As he can be overwhelmed by his emotions, it is useful to take care not to put the diver of this sign in anxiety situations and to go gradually in keeping with his pace. All this without offending him because he is usually rather susceptible (but he will obviously not recognize it). Quiet, gentle dives will be preferred.


Proud and determined, the diver born under the sign of the lion is surely born to be Divemaster or instructor. But this is astrology, keep it mind . Be careful. However, that it is not more for the pleasure of admiration than to guide and / or teach that he chooses this path. Idealist, passionate and generous. This diver will prove to be a brilliant diver who can nevertheless fall into a certain form of intolerance and impose his views to all.

Really ?


The diver born under this sign is methodical and orderly. Rather serious and intelligent, he likes to be interested in others at the risk of forgetting himself. No need for the diver of the sign of the Virgin to prove anything to others, he knows his own value and advance quietly but surely, also in astrology.

Honest and modest, he will make an excellent buddy that you can rely on.

Balance part of the Astrology signs

Charming, balanced and full of tact, the diver born under this sign avoids at all costs the conflicts. Useless to try to attract him to discussions like “who has the best training? “. He will prefer by far the conciliation, the harmonious teams, spots of pleasant dives. Diver can take responsibilities and assume them diplomatically, he will make a dive guide, a dive director or a center manager very appreciated.


Endowed with a whole personality and demanding with itself, the scorpion-born diver is a strong personality. He is able to be very cool and tenacious. Impassioned and endowed with a great sensitivity, it is a diver with a keen intelligence and a particularly keen observation. He will be an excellent partner able to get out of many problematic situations.

But do not go and lie to him or try to fool him … he would not like it and you would feel it 😉


An optimistic rebel with an ambitious personality, the sagittarian diver will use his humor to defend his freedom to dive as he pleases. An adventurer at heart, he will always be looking for new diving spots, new destinations to explore and new experiences to test. Endowed with an innate sense of pedagogy, he will captivate his students by transmitting the fundamental teachings with a lot of humor and passion. Not resentful for a dime, he is however often dissatisfied which pushes him to continue to progress in his training.


The capricorn-born diver is a reliable diver you can rely on and trust. Respectful of instructions, he will be keen to stick to planning and will hardly accept risky and dangerous behaviors. Responsible and faithful, he can show courage and determination. Serious diver, you can count on him to ensure the perfect organization of your dive trips and not only astrology telling.

You planned to dive with him? Make him happy, be on time 😉


Being idealistic and unpredictable, the diver born under this sign is an independent and a captivating visionary who may well want to revolutionize the fascinating world of diving. Innovative and inventive, this diver likes to surprise and go against the current of normative thought. He will be the first to search for novelties both from a material point of view and about diving experiences. Since he likes to help others, he will make a surprising but endearing buddy.

Fish, last Astrology sign

Which diver would not be proud to be born under a sign as appropriate to the practice of diving? With water as an element, the diver born under the sign of the fish is a sensitive, loyal, dreamy and generous diver who flees aggression. If he is tenacious in achieving his dive goals, remember that this diver may lack confidence in him and it may be necessary to brief him on his qualities and skills already acquired.

Does astrology and diving speak to you?

Do I miss the point?

Tell me

And most importantly, do not forget to be happy

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