Looking for an original idea to make your request in marriage?

And why not during a diving trip?

It is important to organize this meticulously. Also, I suggest you to list the 10 details to check to make your request in diving underwater diving:

  1. You must both have already practiced scuba diving … a minimum
  2. Make sure each of you is in order from a health standpoint
  3. Check your hardware rigorously, every detail will be crucial
  4. Practice bending a knee with webbed feet (not to be completely destabilized the same day)
  5. Possibly plan a submersible plate to write your request (speaking under water is much less simple)
  6. Be careful not to lose the ring when the time comes 😲 (a thin nylon thread can save the bet)
  7. Carefully choose the place: a clear, shallow, currentless place, a destination you both enjoy, …
  8. Ask an experienced couple or, better, a pro to make photos
  9. A glass of fresh champagne at the exit will certainly be welcome
  10. Last but not least: do not lose sight of the basic rules of safety and to be sure not to forget anything or to take charge of the organization from A to Z, have you accompanied by an experienced instructor

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… What a great time 😃