Un plongeur dans les eaux claires de Bonnaire

Have you ever wondered why we dive?
Why one day you pushed the doors of a dive shop to do your first dive?

When we ask divers about the reasons why we dive, we are surprised by the diversity of responses. Yet it is relatively simple to classify one’s answers into a few categories and to make another observation but the question is why we dive ?

What if diving was to fill a deeper need for us?

Focus on 9 reasons why we dive:

1. Pleasure

Divers regularly give this reason as why we dive:

  • I like diving
  • It’s now my life … I do not ask myself the question anymore
  • I live exceptional and futile moments
  • I’m crazy about the aquatic environment … water is my element
  • I always wanted to be a fish

2. Freedom this is why we dive

Diving would make you feel free like air (or like water), free of all constraints:

  • I feel free / I feel a sense of freedom
  • I practice diving to be myself without pressure or constraints

3. Professional

For a category of people, getting in the water to dive is also part of the professional activity:

  • It is our job, this is why we dive
  • For money
  • I dive to make a living

4. Ecology / Nature

The afficionados of the ecology and the environment particularly appreciate diving for its close side of the nature, in total immersion in an ecosystem sometimes a little mysterious and fascinating:

  • I am passionate about nature
  • I’m concerned about ecology and I want to inspire others to be too
  • Beautiful views, animals and mythical plants that’s why we dive
  • I am passionate about fish, sharks, …
  • For unforgettable annimals: whales, sharks, …
  • Because I am in love with the oceans
  • I like to feel part of nature

5. Learning

Some people practice scuba diving for the many opportunities to learn new things. Training questions, the possibilities are endless:

  • Diving allows me to make very beautiful photos
  • To learn new things, that’s why we dive
  • It fascinates me
  • I am curious and I like discovering new things
  • When diving, I can learn technical skills

6. Friendship / Sociability, sure this is why we dive

We talked about it HERE, diving can give rise to great friendships

  • The friendship between divers, this is also why we dive and this might have side effects
  • This allows me to participate in some trips with my friends
  • I like to share this moment with those who are dear to me; children, partner, brothers or sister, friends, …
  • Diving pleases my husband, my wife, my children, …
  • To help others discover this particular environment

7. Challenge

Pushing one’s limits (even small ones), testing new experiences, overcome fear, … diving also attracts people looking for challenges to achieve

  • I am attracted to outdoor sports
  • Diving is an activity where I can excel even if I am not a great athlete (we do not dive with a lot of muscles). That is the reason why we dive
  • It’s the craziest thing I wanted to do
  • I dive to overcome my claustrophobia
  • I dive to overcome my fear of the dark
  • Diving to meet a challenge
  • The sensations that it gets – adrenaline
  • The feeling of being an adventurer, an explorer
  • I like to graze the danger

8. Travels / Discoveries

If it is an activity par excellence that encourages travel, it may be diving. Because, without  water, no dive 😉

  • Diving pushes me to travel and this is a good reason why we dive
  • It encourages me to discover parts of the story that I did not know
  • Discover a weird world where every creature could be an Alien

9. Wellness / Meditation

An undeniable winner of the reasons that encourage diving enthusiasts to get into the water, well-being comes in many forms:

  • It’s like mediation for me
  • This is the only place my brain can disconnect
  • I find serenity
  • This is the only place where I find silence without words
  • It’s a place of peace
  • It’s an activity that connects me to myself
  • My cell phone never rings underwater
  • To find myself alone
  • To relax – to meditate
  • I am out of the noise
  • It is an activity without competition, this is why why we dive
  • I like the feeling of being weightless
  • To escape the world
  • For the emotions that it gives me
  • It’s cheaper than therapy … and more effective
  • I escape idiot people during this time
  • To forget the rest
  • It is an activity that I can do alone without my family or child … time just for me
  • I feel good in depth
  • It makes me happy
  • To escape the daily stress
  • It is the most beautiful experience of mindfulness that I can live

But tell me, what is the reason why we dive?

And above all, do not forget to be happy 🤗

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