Un plongeur et une plongeuse se prennent en photo sous l'eau lors d'une plongée pour exprimer l'amitié en plongée.

A friend who has practiced many sports including football at an excellent level started to dive quite late. He told me one day that he had never evolved into a sporting environment where the bonds of friendship was stronger than diving.
Entering the diving world late, my friend found profound connections. He marveled at the camaraderie. Friendship flourished amidst bubbles. In football, teamwork prevailed, but diving united souls. Beneath the waves, bonds deepened beyond measure. Shared adventures forged lifelong friendships. Trust formed in the depths fosters enduring bonds. Friendship transcends mere companionship in diving. It becomes a lifeline, a shared passion. Each dive strengthens the ties that bind. The ocean becomes a playground for friendship. In its vastness, we find kinship. Together, we explore its wonders. Friendship in diving is an unspoken language. It binds us tighter than any knot. As we descend, our bonds strengthen. Friendship becomes our guiding light. Through laughter and challenges, we prevail. In the embrace of the sea, friendship flourishes. So, my friend found solace in diving’s embrace. And in friendship, he found his home.

But what explains this feeling of friendship in diving?

From the moment we dive to explore the seabed, we discover the importance of the other. We can never neglect his presence. During the dive check. When we proceed with the buddy check. diving takes a lot of time. We get to be close to each other for ours. this is why friendship builds.

Friendship blossoms through shared experiences underwater. From the dive check to the buddy check, camaraderie deepens. Spending hours together underwater fosters closeness. In the vastness of the ocean, friendship becomes our lifeline. We rely on each other’s support and trust. Through diving, bonds are forged that withstand the test of time. Mutual reliance strengthens our connection. It’s in the quiet moments underwater that friendships flourish. We share laughter, awe, and wonder beneath the waves. Diving isn’t just about exploring the sea; it’s about discovering the depths of friendship.

1 Safety

First because the mere fact of immersing asks a buddy who can react in case of problems. With the exception of solo diving, diving is an activity that is practiced at least with one buddy.

2 Emotion

Because in addition to ensuring our safety in case of problems, the other will be the only witness of the experience and the emotion that overwhelms us, the buddy or dive companion will quickly become important to us and friendship starts.

3 Experience

Then, diving leads us to share (very) many experiences that allow us to learn to know us better and stronger: to achieve together our training (and share the difficulties and joys), set a time to dive, do a briefing, check the diving equipment, swim under water, ensure our safety, come out and discuss what we have seen / experienced, meet around a drink or a good meal, … and end up seeing that other being part of our loved ones to the point sometimes friendships can go far beyond the world of diving.

4 Passion

Finally, the explanation of this feeling of friendship may also come from the fact that most divers are passionate people, diving invades the minds of divers (sometimes even downright addicted to them) to the point of creating a large community. a group of people who, even when they do not know each other, gather around the same love.

Activity par excellence that develops the sense of friendship, scuba diving, more than friends, sometimes even offers us a second family.

And you, how are your diving friends ?

And if you shared your best memories or anecdotes of friendship when diving?

Feel free to share them in a comment below to participate in the construction of this great community of friends addicted to diving.

And above all … do not forget to be happy

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