A revolutionary dive mask ?

This is what promises the Montpellier Thalatoo start-up that will showcase the world’s first dive computer that makes the diving mask smart. Called Maoï, this computer integrated in your diving mask wants to be completely revolutionary and is inspired by the technologies already used for fighter pilots. Created by Boris Larchevèque and Emmanuel Brenon, engineers passionate about scuba diving, it will allow to visualize the information in the form of holograms.

The good news is that this computer is designed to be used for recreational diving and therefore by and for all of us. It aims to increase the safety and comfort of divers by using state-of-the-art technology.

What is this dive computer that makes our mask smart supposed to offer us ?
A display of the information directly in the field of vision of the diver who will see:

– Compass,

– Depth,

– Diving time,

– Decompression management (Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm),

– Ascending speed,

– No fly time,

– …

It also logs the last 100 dives.

A real computer at your fingertips. Maoï makes the diving mask “head-up”, which means that the information appears to float in water at a distance of more or less two meters in front of the diver’s eyes only when they are needed.

Another promised advantage: the technology can be integrated into your favorite mask for even more comfort.

Are we all going to switch to this new technology and abandon our usual diving equipment to star this adventure of the future?

Everything will be about ease of use, legibility, pleasure, safety, … and cost.

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