This is what promises the Montpellier Thalatoo start-up

That will showcase the world’s first dive computer that makes the diving mask smart.

I’m intrigued by the concept of a smart dive computer integrated into a mask. As a diver, this innovation could revolutionize my underwater experiences. Having essential dive information displayed right in front of my eyes, within the mask, would be incredibly convenient. It eliminates the need to constantly check a wrist-mounted computer, allowing for a more immersive dive.

The idea of a smart mask excites me

Because it could enhance safety and enjoyment during dives. Imagine having real-time data like depth, dive time, and decompression information visible without looking away from the dive. It could provide a seamless and intuitive way to monitor crucial parameters during underwater exploration. This innovation could also open doors to new possibilities for underwater communication and navigation.

In addition to functionality, I’m curious about the design and comfort of the smart mask. It’s essential that the technology doesn’t compromise the fit or visibility of the mask underwater. Comfort and reliability are key factors for any dive gear, and I would be interested to see how the Thalatoo smart mask addresses these aspects.


The concept of a smart dive mask from Thalatoo sounds promising and could be a game-changer for divers like myself. I’m eager to see how this innovative technology integrates into the diving experience and enhances safety, convenience, and enjoyment underwater. If successful, this could pave the way for more advancements in dive technology and improve the overall diving experience for enthusiasts around the world.

Called Maoï, this computer integrated in your diving mask wants to be completely revolutionary and is inspired by the technologies already used for fighter pilots. Created by Boris Larchevèque and Emmanuel Brenon, engineers passionate about scuba diving, it will allow to visualize the information in the form of holograms. so you will be able to see diving information directly in your mask.

The good news is that this computer is designed to be used for recreational diving and therefore by and for all of us. It aims to increase the safety and comfort of divers by using state-of-the-art technology in your mask.

I appreciate the focus on safety in recreational diving with this computer. Having advanced technology integrated into my mask enhances my confidence underwater. It’s reassuring to know that this device is designed with all divers in mind.

The mask interface provides essential data conveniently during dives. It streamlines information access, making underwater navigation easier. This technology ensures that divers can focus more on their surroundings and less on gear.

Overall, this computer promises a seamless diving experience. By incorporating cutting-edge features into the mask, it enhances both safety and enjoyment for divers of all levels. I look forward to experiencing its benefits firsthand on my next dive.

What is this dive computer that makes our mask smart supposed to offer us ?

A display of the information directly in the field of vision of the diver.

– Compass,

– Depth,

– Diving time,

– Decompression  (Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm),

– Ascending speed,

– No fly time,

– A mask with all important information.

It also logs the last 100 dives you can analyse later.

A real computer at your fingertips. Maoï makes the diving mask “head-up”, which means that the information appears to float in water at a distance of more or less two meters. This in front of the diver’s eyes only when they are needed. So you keep your mask clear when you do not need information.

Another promised advantage: the technology can be integrated into your favorite mask for even more comfort. This is nice to avoid to buy a new mask.

Are we all going to switch to this new technology and abandon our usual diving equipment to star this adventure of the future?

Everything will be about ease of use, legibility, pleasure, safety, … and cost.

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