Les applications de plongée sont nombreuses .

This week I wanted to look at the applications developed for divers.

In order to check which computer applications are most useful for the practice of scuba diving.

I delved into exploring various applications designed for divers. I wanted to assess which digital tools are most beneficial for enhancing the scuba diving experience. As an avid diver, I value technology that can assist in planning and executing dives safely.

One of the applications I found particularly helpful is a dive log app that allows me to record and track my dives. It’s convenient for logging details like dive sites, depths, and marine life sightings. This helps me keep a comprehensive record of my diving experiences and progress over time. Another useful application I discovered is a dive planner that assists in calculating decompression stops and bottom times based on dive profiles. This tool is essential for planning dives within safe limits and optimizing underwater time.


I explored an application that provides real-time weather and sea condition updates. This information is crucial for assessing dive site conditions and making informed decisions before heading out. These applications have significantly enhanced my diving adventures by providing valuable data and aiding in dive planning. They contribute to a safer and more enjoyable diving experience overall.

In conclusion, diving applications play a vital role in modern scuba diving by leveraging technology to streamline and enhance various aspects of the activity. They provide divers with valuable tools for logging dives, planning safely, and staying informed about environmental conditions. As technology continues to advance, I look forward to exploring further innovations that will continue to enrich the diving experience.

More and more computer and smartphone programs can be found in different categories. To plan and prepare a dive, to save and illustrate a dive, to find a dive site and related information, … The choice of applications is wide.

After testing a few applications, my observation is that there is no software that includes all categories. But some are more complete or more user-friendly than others.

Here is a selection of 3 tested applications:

# Vplaner

Vplaner is the Swiss knife for diving applications to prepare NITROX style blends. This applications allows to prepare its mixtures. And to choose the one that will be the best adapted to the dive that we want to carry out. It allows to simulate a dive and to modify parameters like time, depth,% of O²,% of He or% of N², open circuit or closed circuit to optimize the diving by choosing the best parameters. Of course preparing mixtures must remain in the hands of people trained in these techniques.

This program designed by Ross Hemingway is available for Windows, linux, mac os, i os and Android and in 8 languages. It is chargeable but all updates are free for life.

There are variants applications known by other names but do not offer all the features.

This is the case in particular of Pasto Deco developed by Antonio Pastorelli. This software is similar to Vplaner but cheaper. The interface is different and uses unusual colors.

Another gas preparation software was designed by Nigel Hewitt under the name Blender. It works under windows and is particularly “light” and easy to use.

It makes possible to prepare Nitrox and Trimix and do the mix, as the name indicates


Developed by ConfiTek, Divemate allows you to directly transfer data from your dive computer to your smartphone or tablet without using a PC. You can select your dive computer from a list to make your life easier. The transfer of information can be done by USB cable or infrared like for many applications. Once in the tablet or smartphone, the data can be enriched by comments, photos etc … and shared

Download it from the Google Play Store or App Store

#MeteoConsultMarine applications

Last but not least, MeteoConsultMarine offers the opportunity to view a very detailed weather of more than 20,000 spots in the world showing, wind, water temperature, wave height, humidity, rain and much more.

Available in the Google Play Store, on App Store and for Windows it is especially useful for divers, like me diving in seas in all latitudes.

I can only be happy to find all these applications on the market even if I regret that there is not (or I have not found) a complete software or suite dedicated to scuba diving.