Deux plongeurs munis d'une loupe observe un poisson clown

But what happens under water?

The world of diving is made of surprises and discoveries sometimes made in a fun way like under water game. This is the case of the Objectif Atlantide adventure started some thirty years ago.

In fact, in 2019, Daniel Méouchy and his Objectif Atlantide association will once again bring together a group of divers in an extraordinary underwater investigation or under water game in the Philippines.

Des plongeurs et plongeuses occupés à observer la vie sous-marine

I met Daniel at the Paris Dive Show. The story of the creation of Objectif Atlantide seduced me as much as the idea of ​​an underwater survey or the team itself. Daniel is an enthusiast who has federated a group around him.

The principle of underwater surveys is rather amusing.  In a spirit of naturalistic observation and a concern to discover the underwater biodiversity and its protection, buddies must investigate under water. Reflection, logic, observation, taking photographs, analyzes, research in documentation.

Un plongeur observe la flore des fonds marins aux Philippines

Each year, about thirty divers compete in good mood to be the first to find the keys to the enigma proposed by Objectif Atlantide in this life-size game.

Le groupe Objectif Atlantide au complet aux Philippines

In 2018, the swimming champion Camille Lacourt was tempted by the under water game.  However, from April 13 to 22, it’s the freediver Alice Modolo turn (Vice-Champion of the World – Recordwoman of France). Arthur Guérin -Boëri (Quintuple World Champion – three times Recordman of the World) is also starting the original adventure of the underwater survey of Objectif Atlantide. But this time it will be in the Philippines, in Puerto Galera.

Daniel told me during our meeting that there were opportunities to take part in this underwater adventure. I would love to join them but my calendar is already busy at this time of year. This is why I want to share the information.

Notice to divers willing to try different diving experiences like under water game .

Feel free to discover the concept in more detail on Objectif Atlantide

Do you like the idea? Have you already participated in this adventure or do you want to do it?

Tell me all this in a comment below.

And above all … do not forget to be happy 🤗

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Photos of Patrick Louisy, Yvan Chocoloff and Philippe Senik courtesy of Daniel Méouchy