Deux plongeurs marchent sur un ponton.

The world of diving is very clearly a world in which can start beautiful friendships. But it is also a world which gives the opportunity of meetings sometimes as surprising as unexpected.

This was the case at the end of the year, around a cold dive in the North Sea.

At the initiative of this meeting, Pierre-Bernard, blogger at, had contacted me a few weeks ago with the aim of diving together and exchange informations between bloggers. What a good idea !

Investing in communication through a blog about the wonderful world of scuba diving offers, for example, an unexpected advantage, that of discovering people sharing this same fascinating passion.

We set our meeting place and arrive at Scharendijk (Zeeland diving spot well known to divers from the North) on a foggy Friday in late December.

Deux plongeurs s'apprêtent à se mettre à l'eau

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For the occasion, we took, once again, the drysuit. If the weather forecast promise us a 9 ° C, I’m afraid it will turn into a 6 or 7 ° C (and anyway, you’ll see me rarely dive without drysuit below 19 ° C).

Publicité pour la campagne ulule

Immediately we get along well.

It must be said that the character is really nice!
We drag a little to get into the water without this being a problem: no diver on the horizon nor before or after our dive, the place is definitely deserted. In front of us, the sea extends calm and covered with a thick coat of fog allowing still a visibility of a hundred meters … on the surface 😉

We get to the water and discover that we will benefit from almost zero visibility and a much cooler water than announced.

I smile at the difference in photo equipment between my buddy of the day and myself, the man is a great passionate, talented, underwater photographer.

Deux plongeurs photographes s'apprêtent à plonger

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I can reassure those who have never dived with a photographer underwater, it’s great! Especially for those who like me love to take the time, but not only. Photography lovers know how to adapt to their buddy and will enjoy different dives and explore all the possibilities of taking photos: macro photo, photo of freedivers in motion, photo of divers, wide-angle photo of wrecks and other drop-offs (not possible for this last option in Zeeland).

For this dive, as I watch Pierre-Bernard taking photos while observing fauna and flora in a water with such a low visibility, I start to want to understand and learn the underwater photography.

After an hour of diving in water at 6 ° C and despite the dry suit and dry gloves, we come out (frost in my case) and go to warm up around a hot drink.

I discover that this blogger passionate about underwater photography is also a pedagogue end while he sees me break down listening to the “technical” terms such as (depth of field, focal length, aperture, …), Pierre-Bernard knows how to find words, imaginative manners, to try to explain to me the rudiments of his passion for underwater photography.

When it comes to philosophy and sense of humanity, I realize that I share a moment with a person full of sensitivity, intelligence and openness to others. I also learn that Pierre-Bernard has already participated in international competitions and has been selected to represent our small country 😮

Pierre-Bernard is a passionate diver who masters the underwater picture with a lot of talent while for my part, I must admit that I mostly shoot with a little feeling and simple functions of my basic camera.

Un plongeur occupée à photographier

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Une plongeuse sourit à son binôme

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And YESSSS, I’ll get started and discover (like you?) Articles that Pierre-Bernard writes to share his experience through his blog.


As a bonus, Pierre-Bernard tells me that he would like to start on line trainnings… so stay tuned 😉

Another wonderful meeting.

Investing in communication through a blog about the wonderful world of scuba diving offers, for example, an unexpected advantage of discovering people sharing this same fascinating passion. And I take a lot of pleasure to meet them.

What is your best meeting in the world of diving?

I will be happy to discover it, so feel free to post a comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ yes lower almost at the end of the page 😉

And above all … do not forget to be happy 🙂


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