Un enfant joue devant l'océan

Once again, I’m going to talk about a positive initiative for the preservation of the oceans, fishing net is the subject.

And is about fishing net.

After the plastic shoes recovered in the oceans, I will now talk about fishing net. The MTV Brasil campaign that unleashed the passions with his dildos also made from recycled plastic. Surfboards made from cigarette butts or the brilliant innovations to clean up the oceans, it is Chile’s turn to take this problem very seriously with fishing net. The plastic pollution is so important. More and more initiative like these should stard. Immediately.

Addressing the issue of fishing nets is crucial. The plastic pollution they cause is alarming. Initiatives to tackle this problem need to escalate. We must act immediately to prevent further damage. Fishing nets contribute significantly to marine pollution. They pose a threat to marine life worldwide. Chile’s commitment to addressing this issue is commendable. Other countries should follow suit in prioritizing this matter. We need widespread efforts to reduce fishing net pollution. It’s imperative for the health of our oceans. I applaud initiatives aimed at tackling this pressing issue. Every action counts in combating plastic pollution. Let’s work together to implement effective solutions. We must strive for cleaner oceans for future generations. Acting now is essential to mitigate the impact of fishing nets. Let’s push for more stringent regulations and enforcement. Our collective efforts can make a significant difference.

The issue of abandoned nylon nets in the oceans is a problem.

Not only with regard to the slow decomposition of this material but also because they capture in their mesh for decades many marine animals. They die trapped in these fishing net. The cause is surely that the nets are difficult to recycle. And still too often left abandoned on land or in the water.

I contribute to ocean protection by removing fishing nets during dives. Whenever I encounter a fishing net underwater, I take action. I carefully disentangle marine life caught in the nets. Removing these nets is crucial for marine conservation. Each net removed helps prevent harm to marine animals. It’s a small but meaningful way to make a difference. Swimming amidst tangled nets reminds me of the ocean’s fragility.

I feel a sense of responsibility to safeguard its inhabitants.

Untangling nets requires patience and precision. It’s a challenging yet rewarding task. Knowing that I’m helping marine life brings me fulfillment. By removing fishing nets, I’m restoring balance to the ecosystem. It’s my way of giving back to the ocean that gives me so much joy. Every net removed is a step towards a healthier ocean. I encourage others to join in this effort. Together, we can make a tangible impact on ocean conservation.

Also, to participate in the fight against this pollution while developing their business. The skateboard manufacturing company Bureo had the idea to recycle fishing net to turn them into skateboard and toys. It’s now time for you to buy a Bureo skateboard.

The burro process

To encourage fishermen to participate, they set up several collection points for used fishing net. In this way, they recover free raw material directly usable for the manufacture of their skateboard and games. It’s much better to leave them in the ocean. This kind of pollution is not acceptable.


Another good idea, isn’t it?

Readers of this article also like to act directly by performing for example these 4 simple actions to participate in the fight against pollution of the oceans.

And you, how do you contribute to the protection of the oceans also by removing fishing net?

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