Les allées du salon de la plongée à Paris

Why should you go to a dive show?

If the initiates could certainly and quickly answer this question. This will not be the case for those who have recently discovered diving and a dive show.

I remember the first time someone asked me “are you going to the dive show next month ?”

Euuhh … as if it was NORMAL for a diver to go there, as if it were self-evident

Of course, at a time of unlimited internet everywhere and for all. It is easy to find information, ideas of diving travel destinations, good deals, sales of diving equipment with discounts, … directly via the web, so why a dive show ?

So why should you face the inconvenience of traveling to the dive show?

Because you have to make a trip sometimes long to get there. Queues to the park lot and dive show, the crowd in the aisles, meals but not at low prices. Representatives who do not always make the discount you’ve been hoping for.

Fortunately, there are also advantages to travel to the dive show 😉

In Europe, the best dive show known are the BOOT in Düsseldorf, the Paris Dive Fair. The Mediterranean Diving in Spain or the DIVE in Birmingham. On the American continent, the DEMA SHOW in the USA or the Canadian Underwater Conference & Exhibition in Vancouver are appointments not to be missed. In Asia, the Singapore’s Asian Dive Expo (ADEX) is a must.

Each year in January it’s the the Paris Dive Fair

An event expected by enthusiasts from the fascinating world of diving. The Paris dive show gives me the opportunity to review the reasons that push thousands of visitors to go there each year.

A quick tour of the 4 best reasons to visit a dive show (and what you can expect to find)

1. Travel

From a personal point of view, I love finding new ideas for diving destinations that I would not necessarily have thought of and being in direct contact with service providers in these parts of the world.

I happened to arrive at the dive show and come out with a holiday almost planned and booked … I love!

2. Meeting with people during the dive show

See enthusiasts with whom you had the chance to dive, maintain your network of diving enthusiasts, meet with representatives of your certification agencies and discuss with them, find out who is behind your favorite dive magazine or just evolve among people like you … completely addicted to diving.

All this is also part of the atmosphere of a dive show.

3. What’s new

Discover new products and / or diving equipment that you did not imagine for you: rebreather, underwater scooter, heating vest, …

The dive enthusiasts loves to stay aware of the news of the underwater world but also of new products of their favorite brands of diving equipment.

4. Conferences

Attending conferences is also one of the advantages of the dive show: underwater photographer, representatives of certifying organizations, explorers of the world of the oceans, …

As a bonus, as they are completely addicted to diving in France, the organizers puts a swimming pool of 250 m2 (heated to 30 ° C) at your disposal to perform a try … enough to please you if you dream of it; -)

So it’s decided at the beginning of January, I’m going to go fishing for good ideas, meet my friends from the world of diving and who knows, buy a heating vest?

Maybe we will meet us at the dive show or elsewhere.

Do you like shows? Tell me everything in a comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ down there

In the meantime, do not forget to be happy 🙂