Hélène du blog Different Dive sourit en s'apprêtant à aller plonger

This year, the Dive show innovates

For the first time, the Paris Dive Show, this big organization opens its doors to the world of blogging.

All kind of blogging is available but blogging about diving is not very present at the Dive show.

Most of the time, manufacturer, dive center and travel agencies are present at the Dive show. But this time something more is coming.

For the first time, this big organization opens its doors to the world of blogging. This is a neat idea as more an more people want that press.

Just talk to your children or teenager. They will tell you that it’s really time for blogging. This is a new way to share information and get together. Sometimes after a few chat . People get together to go for diving after the Paris Dive show. Thanks to the blogging activity. Don’t you want to try ? Subscribe to the blog. Pay attention to messages and posts. Be active, comment. Feel free to leave comments. Come to the Dive show

Invited by the president of the Paris Dive show to participate and give a conference to initiate this novelty. I will be present on Saturday and happy to meet you there.

Let’s go for it ! Join me there. Meet with other participants. Visit dive Paris Dive show booths. Listen to my speech. and after let’s discuss together.

[For more details, it’s ==> here]

The choice of the theme of the meeting is inspired by the creation and animation of my blog Different Dive . But also the group of exchanges and sharing Training dive, tips and other small pleasures.

The meeting is scheduled for Saturday, January 12, 2019, from 12:00 to 13:00 at the Espace Scénique of the International Paris Dive show

Will you be at the Paris Dive Show?

And above all … do not forget to be happy  🤗