I am very happy to explain you today about a new adventure.

Indeed, I have the honor to be Mokarran ambassador, a brand new clothing brand. Dedicated to diving, free diving and the love of the underwater world.  Mokarran is a story of passionates.
Just like my Different Dive blog. Nothing amazing since we met around our passion for diving.

In fact, Mokarran means “hammerhead shark” and I confess to find these sharks particularly surprising and mysterious. So, I love it

But how did I become a Mokarran ambassador ?

At the beginning, there was …

It all started when I was in contact with Vincent and Melo when writing the article about the birth of their project Mokarran. We understood each other very well.

I loved the spontaneity of Melo, her enthusiasm and her pep. And I was very sensitive to the creativity of Vincent who, indeed, is a talented artist.

On their side, they appreciated my work of communication around diving on my Different Dive blog. They have therefore offered me to be ambassador of their brand new clothing and accessories line dedicated to diving and the love of marine life.

Discovering of their products and become Mokarran ambassador

At the last Paris Dive Show, I finally met them and left with a beautiful tank top as I love them.

Avant d'être ambassadrice Mokarran, je rencontre la team

I was then able to test the product, I like the material, the organic side, ethics and sustainable development. You can find all the information about Mokarran products on the website.

The decision to become a Mokarran ambassador

I discovered and used the tank top, this is why their proposal came back to my mind and that I took my decision. Indeed, I was delighted and I accepted with pleasure to be an ambassador for Mokarran.

But the adventure does not stop there because it seems that a new idea could soon come up.

Already a new adventure that starts … with joy.