L'auteur du blog de plongée Different Dive derrière une gorgone à Mayotte

Recently, the comment of a diligent reader made me want to write this post about the Different Dive blog.

Indeed, it has happened several time since the creation of the Different Dive blog that one lends me intentions which were unfounded. Rather than to offend me, I preferred to interpret that as a lack of communication. The philosophy of the Different Dive blog needs some explanations.

Different Dive blog who is it?

Behind the articles of the blog is only their author.  Hélène, content creator and questioner of ideas. As a blogger, that’s how I feel since my life changed with the blog, remember, I told you about it here.

How are the articles written?

The inspiration usually comes from my diving experiences, observations, discussions with people, readings, …

I think a lot (even at night).  When listening to music.  I read on all subjects related to diving but especially in relation to other things.

Most of the time, the articles are written quit quickly.  Just for the sake of exchanging with all the large community of divers from all over the world (since each article is published in French and English).
It is also very rare that I publish them immediately.

Often I leave them on my hard disk and return 1 day, 1 week or several months later and publish them … or not.

Sometimes, the reflections shared in the blog are the result of many discussions with others and in particular with Didier, my diving buddy and my partner in life (as explained here). These discussions lead to the writing of an article.

Rarely, the writing is made with someone else and in this case, it is clearly mentioned at the beginning of the article.

As far as writing is concerned, I can say that I write everywhere. When at my desk. Also on public transportation even in a car when I’m a passenger. Sometimes at sea.  Furthermore, airports inspire me particularly. To make sure I don’t forget, I always have my smartphone with me. I use the Note function in which I write everything that goes through my head. I also take many pictures everywhere for my Different Dive blog.

The most difficult for me is probably the choice of the photo (s) to illustrate the article and the title. The choice of the title is an essential point. If it’s not eye catching, few people will open the article however if it is too much, critics like “clickbait” will come up. In the meantime, some items that I found very good have not received an echo probably because I had not found the right title.

The last step (and not the least) before translating my article in English is the entire SEO part (which I do not really like). This SEO will be used by search engines to bring out or not the article in good position … still a hell of a job.

Finally, the time of the day for the publication is important. Click on “PUBLISH” and let circulate the ideas, the reflections, … promises of future talks with the readers.

In the Different Dive blog, there is no adviser in any way. There is no manager of that or director of this … just a person who wants to interact with others to talk about the wonderful world of diving.

Do I know everything?

Of course not 😉

Like everyone else, I happen to make mistakes, forgetfulness, inaccuracies, …

In my articles I propose a vision of things, questions, ideas, … Free to each and everyone to use them or not to reflect on his own practice of diving.

My intention is not to say “I know” but rather to say “This is how I see things, and you? “

Different Dive, what is it worth to whom?

Different Dive blog is a blog totally independent of any external financing.

On the other hand, it is a tool of enrichment in contact with the others, in human relations, bringing new knowledge, …

The blog is also a real opportunity to be invited more and more regularly to take part in events and / or to dive in places all around the world.

However when I am asked if this financial freedom is a choice, the answer is yes and no:

Yes, because the advertising and other offers received have not convinced me so far

No because it may be that one day I am tempted to associate the blog with a brand, an action, an event but only if it coincides with my philosophy.

Philosophy of publications

To enter the world of blogging is to enter a very special world . Diving enthusiasts take their time to provide information that is sometimes somewhat different from what you can find in the press.

The philosophy sought through the Different Dive blog is the immense desire to share around our passion. It is also the desire to open this wonderful activity to the greatest number. It is finally also the desire to allow each and every one of us to discover the underwater world taking into account the particularities and individual possibilities.

In my articles, nothing is invented. I use only real cases experienced, observed and / or exceptionally reported by very close people. However, for the sake of confidentiality, I sometimes change the names, the type of people, the place …

A constructive approach

The goal of Different Dive is very clearly to question the concepts and think together on our diving practice.

Those who read me know that I do not like doing things just because “we’ve always done this way”.

On the other hand, from an always positive perspective, you will never see me mentioning a place that I did not like. Criticize a diving center where I was badly received, …

I only write, and exclusively, about the experiences that I liked. They are the only ones I want to put forward.

If in an article on my Different Dive blog I quote a diving club, a place to stay, … you can be sure that I liked it.
In the same way, if we meet in real life, I will not use names on places that I did not appreciate.

Criticism is all too easy. Social networks and other user rating platforms are usually good enough to circulate negative information.

My approach through Different Dive is clearly oriented towards construction and not destruction. And it will remain my thread, my line of reflection.

How can you also participate in this beautiful project?

It’s easy:

  • Comment on the articles to feed the debates and raise new questions
  • Favor the comments directly on the blog. This will allow a greater number of people to read your feedback or opinion (it’s all below the page )
  • Share as many articles as you like
  • Follow the three best ways to keep in touch
  • Be nice and forgive me if I do not answer you soon enough.  I always end up coming back

Do we continue the adventure together?

And above all … do not forget to be happy  

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