Une plongeuse montre un tableau blanc sous l'eau pour inciter les abonnés à s'inscrire à la newsletter

Why subscribe to a newsletter ? Thousands of you have expressed interest in the Different Dive blog through the social network. Facebook: it’s great and it would even be better if we kept in touch.

In order to stay abreast of what is happening. Written and lived on the blog, you have liked the  Different Dive Facebook Page

Maybe you think, just like me. That it is enough to put “likes” on the Facebook page to continue receiving the publications?

Well NO it does not work like this!

You must know that Facebook’s algorithm voluntarily restricts page access to subscribers. (to force the page manager to pay to be seen!).

Only about 10 to 30% of subscribers will see the publications of their favorite page in their newsfeed.

Others will not be kept abreast of the publications. Surprising, isn’ t it?

Even if you show interest in the news page, Facebook prevents you from accessing it

How to counter this Facebook practice?

Three solutions to subscribe to a newsletter

1 Check the box to automatically put the news in your newsfeed

If you are a regular user of this social network. This step will guarantee you to see at least once in your newsfeed new posts, images, articles, … distributed on the Different Dive Page.

It’s very simple to subscribe to a newsletter:

  • Go to the Different Dive Facebook page
  • Open the “Following” tab just below the presentation photo of the page
  • Choose “See First
A Facebook page

2 Post a comment and receive the articles automatically

A second solution is to write a comment. Once, directly on the blog and check the box just below that says “Notify me of all new articles by email”

It is an easy, fast and very effective solution.

With each publication, you receive an email, easy isn’t it?

And if you do it now at the bottom of this article not to forget?

3 Subscribe to the Newsletter

To subscribe to a newsletter allows you, among other things, to short-circuit this process and to have directly access to the information you expect 😉

Since late January, I finally managed to set up an effective newsletter system. It must be admitted that my job is to write dive articles and not “computer” concerns of the website. But when you host a blog, you must also stick to it.

This time it is there, it is functional and you are already (very) numerous to have received the very first publication of January

Today, I thought about the good reasons that you, the readers of Different Dive, would have to subscribe to a newsletter. Indeed, you may love or you may hate a newsletter but each site will offer you its own to make sure that you keep reading them.

The 7 reasons why you absolutely must not miss to subscribe to a newsletter (my newsletter I warned you! )

1 No advertising when you subscribe to a newsletter

Sorry, you will not find in the Different Dive Newsletter great deals to spend your money. It is therefore elsewhere that you will have to look for the next vacation to book or the diving equipment you need.

2 protected mails

You do not have to rely on the Newsletter to help you to be tracked by google, not at all ! The e-mail addresses are not used to fatten the mailing lists of advertisers eager to sell you what you obviously do not need!

3 Preview when you subscribe to a newsletter

You will be “the first one” before the others to be aware of certain topics, articles, … and my future projects (which will happen very soon) and you will have to be more patient than the others

4 Exclusive

You will have to collect some information, mood ticket and other references that will be conveyed only through the Newsletter. More info on diving and tests! 😉

5 Reminder

You will not be able to miss the best articles of the site. No need to try, when you subscribe to a newsletter, you will get reminders of what should not be missed on the Different Dive blog.

6 Anti-Spam

Spam in your mailboxes, forget this. Here no daily or weekly mail. The Newsletter is published once a month (although I do not exclude to send you one or the other additional depending on special news).

7 Easy to unsubscribe

And yes, here too, if you love to find the right button you can not find to unsubscribe, you’ll be disappointed. The Different Dive Newsletter has a visible link (at the very bottom) for easy and fast unsubscribing 😉

If all these good reasons not to subscribe have not convinced you, do not wait, subscribe FAST by clicking HERE because the next Newsletter is coming soon

Subscribe to a Different Dive newsletter and above all … do not forget to be happy  


PS: If you have already subscribed to the Newsletter but you did not receive it in JanuaryRETRY because it’s possible that your email address was lost in my computer WANDERING

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