Deux personnes âgées sur un petit zodiaque s'apprêtent à se mettre à l'eau pour plonger

Daddy’s dive, they are among the pioneers.

They have lived experiences that we would not be able to imagine today. And have transmitted their know-how and sometimes unfortunate returns of immersions of another time. Daddy’s dive are less and less present.

They were diving without a BCD. Later with a Fenzi, protected themselves from the cold with rigid wet suits. Used hard regulators, carried on their tanks with a “reserve rod” (have you ever seen that?) that’s Daddy’s dive. And of course dive  with tables since computers did not exist this was daddy’s dive.

They descended to -40 m sometimes from their first dive. Ascending with no regulator in their mouth, trained to breathe on tanks without regulators, …

There have been some “losses”. But fortunately most of them have gone through the early days of “recreational” diving and are still alive today. These are the Daddy’s dive veterants.

Voluntarily, I speak of them in the masculine because, it must be said. Most were young men, in good health and rather sportsmen.

They needed a good physical shape to dive in the sometimes extreme conditions to which they could be subjected.

I have great respect for all those pioneers of recreational diving who have sometimes paid a heavy price for the little knowledge at the time and rudimentary diving equipment. However today, this is Daddy’s dive.

However, although most of Daddy’s dive have evolved with the knowledge and the material available, it is clear that some remain nostalgic and sometimes continue to focus on diving concepts and / or behaviors that have no reason to exist today.

They continue to dive “the old way” (when they do not teach it), do not take into account the time that passes (and that fits in their physical condition), simply dive with an obsolete material, … and sometimes find themselves in the press announcements of diving accidents where the person is a diver over 50 years … yet experienced….unfortunately Daddy’s dive is risky sometimes.

They have experienced diving as we will never know it.

But who will tell them today that Daddy’s dive no longer exists?
(… and that’s probably very good like that)

Do not stay locked in your knowledge.

Do not take everything you are told for granted, do not be afraid to change your mind, travel your mind and use your critical sense to evolve with the world of diving … for more fun in complete safety and forget Daddy’s dive.

And above all … do not forget to be happy / happy

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