I met Nicolas during a chat about scuba diving. We sympathized and I immediately wanted to share with you his life experience. I in the world of diving and more specifically dive Philippines.

Dive Philippines is maybe a dream for some of us. It is Nicolas day to day life.

Nicolas is one of those who once dared to drop everything and decided to live out their passion. Yet this was far from being bingo in advance.

Born in Paris in 1985. I am passionate about the sea since the age of 6 years. Since my parents took us with my brothers and sisters to live in the south of France, in Sanary-sur-mer.

It was on a beach near Sanary, in Bandol, this is where Cousteau tested his first regulator. As a child, Nicolas was already a fan of this great explorer of the seas and oceans without being attracted to diving. At that time, however, he dreamed of horizons and saw himself a fisherman like all the guys he was watching leaving from his small beach …

But sometimes dreams are abandoned in favor of a promising career and a good job 🙁

His diploma in his pocket. Nicolas started a professional track well defined but this costume is not carved for him. And very quickly the weariness of this life he does not wish to live. He dreams of something else and can not be satisfied with the comfort and security of his work. On the other hand it does not feel really happy. He dreams of freedom. Of the tropics, of the sun, of the sea and wants to have a “different” live, off the main stream.

He listens to friends who have been making a stay in the Philippines and dive philippines. With no specific purpose, takes a year of unpaid leave and flies with his savings to Asia leaving everything else behind him.

Immediately Nicolas is struck by the general good humor. No wonder we call the Philippines the land of smiles!

Nothing to do with France. Here, it jokes, it laughs, it sings and it plays. It’s good to live and Nicolas feels really happy when Dive Philippines.

The numerous small bars on the beach host music bands that allow the locals to sing with them (the Filipinos love to sing). Restaurants are excellent and the hotels really nice. The life in Bocaray is also animated by a huge seafood market where reigns a real effervescence and which offers the possibility of enjoying huge shrimps, lobsters, shellfish and other tasty fish.
What happiness. What a mixture of sounds, smells and flavors! Nicolas is seduced but very quickly gets lost in the temptations of Filipino life and spends in no time his budget. He returns to France for some times but finally returns a second time in this wonderful country decided this time to stay there. It is in Boracay that he droped his suitcases, where he finds the most beautiful beach in the world and start Dive Philippines

But, how do you work in the world of diving or dive philippines ?

It is during his second stay in the Philippines that Nicolas enters the world of diving which has always loved the sea. He senses that it is in this way that he wants to evolve.

With pleasure and relentlessly. He made his diving classes  one after the other as of Open water diver to the level of PADI instructor in 8 months. Diving and diving again every day enriching his knowledge of the Philippine seabed but also of the country in general. He took the opportunity to learn English to give himself every chance to successfully integrate in this Filipino landscape that seduces him. Today. He is an instructor and it is a pleasure to listen to him explaining his amazement about his work in diving.

Nicolas enjoys working in the world of diving because, he says, he sells the dream and is constantly in contact with people all over the world in a good mood, happy to learn diving, partying, having fun and learn every day. And this happiness is contagious.

His craft is built on bringing pleasure and joy to all the people he takes to discover the seabed of this part of the world, Nicolas knows well that he receives in return, more than a Salary, a constant enrichment to the contacts of these people coming from all over the planet.

He also likes to work with children because they are spontaneous, curious which allows them to learn better and faster 🙂

Today Nicolas is happy with his life as an expat at the end of the world. Even if the repetitive side of some tasks of teaching diving does not amuse him. The standardization of formations in fact oblige a sometimes obstinate repetition of the courses throughout the day. But to observe the progress of his pupils is such a satisfaction for Nicolas, that he adapts very well to this form of monotony to dive philippines.

And then he knows that he creates passions and engenders projects.

Only small flat of his life of expat, his family and his friends stayed in France miss him a lot.

However to be honest he miss his family and his friends stayed in France. He also miss tapenade, the sausage or the raclette 🙂

On the dive side. It’s hard to tell what are the spots to dive in philippines as the seabed is so beautiful.

Nicolas advises however different diving spots according to what one wishes to discover :

– Balicasag Island

– Cebu Malapasca (for diving with fox sharks)

– Malboal (for the sardine run)

– Dumaquete / Apo Island (diving among dozens of turtles)

– Coron Palawan (dive into the Japanese wrecks of the World War II)

– Palawan and Nido (for snorkeling excursions in a beautiful and preserved nature)

– Boracay: the island of the festival par excellence. The divers devoted to macro diving will be in admiration with nudibranchs and other Frogfish. Wreck dive enthusiasts will discover the two wrecks off the coast of boracay. While divers willing to se “big” fish will go to Maniguin Island for wonderful dives surrounded by barracuda schools, eagle rays, Jacks. It is also at Boracay you will have the chance to meet Nicolas 😉

If Nicolas currently works in Boracay and dive philippines. It does not stop him from building his dream of diving day after day in order to open his own structure of ecological diving in a few years.

Indeed, it is towards the island of Managuin that Nicolas hopes one day to create its activity of diving and eco-tourism. Managuin Island is an island of 200 inhabitants living without water and electricity from seaweed farming and fishing. It has also a centenary lighthouse set in an ultra-preserved environment. As of diving tourism. There is wall of + / – 5 m to – 80 m all around the island where Nicolas takes divers in search of thrills. The seabed is splendid.

For the time being, Nicolas is looking for a sponsor to set up his beautiful project and, in the meantime, is ready to welcome you to discover the wonders of diving in the Philippines.

Do not hesitate to contact him via his Facebook page or via his email address nicholai.lalire@gmail.com

In my opinion. The testimony of Nicolas represents a beautiful source of inspiration for all those who would also like to live out their passion. And would you be willing to try such an adventure?

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Good bubbles and do not forget to be happy

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