Steven Weinberg en plongée.

Who doesn’t know Steven Weinberg?

It seems difficult as long as one wonders about underwater life to miss Mr Steven Weinberg. this great name of the world of diving.

Indeed, he is a diver, marine biologist and talented photographer. Steven has been travelling the world for years exploring the oceans. To tell us about aquatic life through his many guides commonly known as “The Weinbergs”.

So of course I had some of these guides at home. But I must admit that I had never really used them.

A surprising first meeting.

At the Paris Dive Show in January 2019 I will meet this amazing character in a somewhat unexpected way.

That day, I planned to meet Corinne Bourbeillon of the Petites Bubbles d’Ailleurs  blog. (she is the one who signs the main photo of this article)

She tells me she’s at her friend Steven Weinberg’s booth. I go there with pleasure, get to know him without really being interested in Steven who arranges his books and talks with some divers…

Chatting with Corinne is very friendly. A bit later, she invites me to discover Steven’s books. Marine biology, I have to admit that it’s not my cup of tea. I distractedly flick through the guides and start talking with their author who praises the one I have in my hands.

Well a “fish is a fish” I told him. I prefer to just observe them and admire their beauty. Steven Weinberg looks at me surprised. Takes the book out of my hands and tells me that it’s definitely not for me.

As I’m on his stand, I still want to buy him a book to have it signed. My eyes go astray on other books and come across “Water of Life”  Maybe it’s the picture of the kid on the cover or the idea of knowing more about the character that ends up convincing me. I buy it with a very singular signing and a picture of the three of us. 

Hélène Adam, Corinne Bourbeillon et Steven Weinberg au salon de la plongée de Paris en janvier 2019.

An exciting story…

Back home, I leave the book in sight and tell myself it will be for later. However, the book is teasing me and it will take me little time to start reading it. And it’s a discovery. I meet Steven Weinberg not through his marine guides, but through his journey, the whole path that made him the man he is. From the 11-year-old boy with a tank on his back to the one who bathes in the frozen waters of Russia and who multiplies the encounters and experiences around diving.

Steven Weinberg en combinaison de plongée sur un bateau en Norvège.

So obviously, I understand better his huge love of the underwater world, his passion for the ocean, and meeting with people too.

… that makes you want to be passionate

And it makes me want to discover what drives him then… I open the guides present for a long time on my shelves, admire the fish, look at the names … and writes an article about biological diving. Because through Steven’s story, it’s this type of diving that has become a must for me. 

Later that year, I order Steven’s book he wrote with Sabine Boulad on a project in the Berre Pond. For the first time, a book of marine biology amuses me, makes me smile. Mixing photo and short texts tinged with humor, he describes with emotion the aquatic life of the pond and the ecological issues associated with it. Here no complicated b-s, not (too) complicated names… Just a series of little stories full of interesting information. I love it.

Also, I really like the people who are involved and passionate in what they do. So inevitably, here I am conquered.

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Steven Weinberg pose devant un mur peint de poissons.

Stand Neighbors

While I’m present at the Dive Show in January 2020 to present my first novel He told me dare (or something like that)  I’m surprised to discover that my booth neighbor will be Steven himself.

During the slightly quite (and few) moments, we will spend time exchanging with a lot of humor. I meet Marie-Xavier on this occasion and realize that the famous biologist I have in front of me is about to take a tour of Europe with a car so old that I wonder if it will be able to hold up.

The hidden side of Steven Weinberg

Steven isn’t just a talented diver photographer and biologist. Steven Weinberg also has an immense love for old timers. I had read in Eau de vie that he had taken a very old Renault 4CV to the depths of Russia. But I didn’t know that he had decided to repeat something similar but with a much older car.

He also likes to fly his drone and does not hesitate, when the containment forces him to stay at home.

To go on vacation in his log cabin at the end of his garden. Because he can’t stop traveling.

But that’s not it. While divers generally know Steven Weinberg at least by name. They sometimes don’t know that the man is also a novelist.

Indeed, Steven writes novels, thrillers and historical books.

This hyperactive author of talent is not at his first attempt. After travel stories or amazing family stories and fiction, he has just signed his latest book. An historical thriller for which he chooses to publish under a nick name (yes, yes … a nick name!). 

You can discover it through its crowdfunding campaign still open for 8 days.

Steven Weinberg, have you ever heard of him? Did you know his work as a novelist?

Tell me about this in a comment below. I would be happy to talk to you.

And above all, don’t forget to be happy 🤗