Les métiers de la plongée sont variés comme c'est le cas pour ces deux plongeurs avançant dans la mer

Working in the diving industry, is it possible?

When we think “diving jobs” we quickly think of Divemaster, instructors or dive center managers. If these professions deserve a revaluation of the profession, there are other opportunities to work in the diving business.

Indeed, many people dream of making a living from their passion and would like to give up everything to work in a dive centre far away from home.
However, although supervisory and training occupations are the most common in the diving world, there are many other occupations that require diving skills in diving jobs.

So, in your opinion, for which jobs do you need to be able to dive?

This is the question I asked the members of my Facebook page a while ago and you will see that the profession of Divemaster or Instructor is far from being the only one in our favorite activity.
We included in the answers the professions where it is essential to know how to dive and those where it is a plus.

Click on the blue links in the list if you would like more information on any of the professions and/or examples of successful careers.

1. Diving jobs that affect the environment or research:

  • Golf ball collector (in ponds on golf courses… but yes!)
  • Those who clean aquariums (even if in my opinion aquariums should no longer exist)
  • Those who maintain the retention basins
  • Diver (cleaning of hulls, oil platforms, river maintenance work, welding, etc.)
  • Cleaning swimming pools

4. Diving jobs aimed at providing information

5. Diving jobs from protection, safety and/or health services

  • Demining divers in the army
  • Sailors firefighters or diving firefighters
  • The police
  • The river police
  • Hyperbaric doctor

Finally, other professions are proposed:

  • Photo assistant to Laurent Ballesta (even on a voluntary basis)
  • Work in the restaurant business: inevitably some people think of diving 😁
  • …So many other diving jobs

Of course, for some of the diving jobs, it is certainly not possible to make a living from them alone. This can be an extra or simply part of the well-being of doing the activity.

Nevertheless, the scope of possibilities in terms of work requiring scuba diving skills is wide. It reminds me of what Pierre-Yves Cousteau told me when I asked him about it. He said this:

My advice would therefore be to develop separate expertise. And to make the connection with his passion in order to bring something unique to it…

And what is your expertise ? What talent could you use in relation to your passion ?

I am curious to discuss this topic of diving jobs with you. Leave me a comment on the blog below so that it doesn’t get lost in the social media news feeds.

And above all…don’t forget to be happy  🤗