Aldo Ferrucci en pleine plongée

Should we still present Aldo Ferrucci TEK diver ?

To continue the presentation of famous names of the world of scuba diving. Let’s go to Italy to meet Aldo Ferrucci tek diver.

In love with scuba diving. Passionate about wrecks and a professional in the world of TEK diving for more than 20 years. Aldo is very present in the world of diving throughout Europe. And active on social networks where he shares willingly his thoughts and his vision of life with his friends.

Endowed with a warm and endearing personality. Aldo Ferrucci TEK diver is the very image of the dive instructor a little philosopher and regularly ready to take time to discuss with you.

If I had already had the opportunity to interact with him. It was at the “Salon de la Plongee” in Paris that I was able to meet Aldo Ferrucci TEK diver and share with him his famous Mojito.

Aldo Ferrucci et Hélène Adam de different Dive au salon de la plongée à Paris

Also, as his career inspired me. I wanted to share with you. The unique journey of this passionate who dedicates his life to the realization of his dream. Hoping that this story will also be an encouragement for you to follow yours.

Diving to change your life

Like many other enthusiasts. Aldo Ferrucci TEK diver is one of those who have one day decided to live his passion.

Having always lived near the sea. It was natural for Aldo to go into the water since he was a teenager especially to fish and snorkel. From the 80s, he will enjoy the pleasure of scuba diving as a hobby.

As an accountant, Aldo did not intend to make scuba diving his full time job. However, as a result of a serious illness that will prevent him from working for a year. He decides to change his life and make diving his job.

An activity geared towards TEK diving …

Aldo Ferrucci TEK diver is passionate about diving and diving on wrecks.

During a recreational dive trip to the United States in 1993. He visited, a little by chance the TEK Diving show in New Orleans, which at the time was just before the DEMA show devoted to diving.

He falls in love with this particular way of approaching diving. Decides to take an interest in it and to train himself. Very quickly, he then directs his job towards this path by organizing rebreather dives training at all levels. To complete his schedule and diversify his services. He organizes trips focused mainly on CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) diving around the world. You know, rebreather diving like I told you about it here 😁

Beside that, Aldo takes every opportunity to go in search of new shipwrecks that he likes to explore.

… with the love of the image

As he loves the world of images, Aldo is also very quickly passionate for the underwater photography that he does mainly during his dives on shipwrecks.

He also participates in some shootings for television and cinema.

You have to see him dive with all his equipment … impressive 😲

Aldo Ferrucci TEK diver live from diving, a life which is just pleasure?

It would be wrong to believe (and wrong on my part to write it) that to live from his passion is for Aldo a path without pitfalls.

While Aldo sometimes would like to travel less to have more time to devote to his loved ones. He is aware that his life as a diving professional has required many sacrifices, including that of giving up a family life that was too complicated to handle, especially with his many trips.

“That’s one of the things I gave up for my passion,” he says.

On the other hand, Aldo also notes that the fatigue and responsibilities inherent to his profession are not always pleasant to manage. But that they are part of the job he accepts as such.

Aldo Ferrucci TEK diver also notes the difficulty of a change of mentality. Divers are different, more demanding, everything must go fast

Indeed, Aldo notes today that the choice of a leisure is no longer oriented to a single sport or a single activity. People seem to want to quickly reach goals. And move on to achieve a maximum of different sensations in a minimum of time. The challenge for the professional is then to breathe enough passion and love of the underwater world to retain customers and evolve with them over a long enough period of time so that they can appreciate the richness of this particular activity.

But there are also very beautiful moments when you live from your passion …

Fortunately, turning his passion into his job offers benefits. This is particularly the case of the pleasure of being in contact with the sea and the oceans, of traveling all over the world, of meeting new people, of sharing a passion and of passing it on to new enthusiasts.

All these sensations are pure happiness :

“In the water I am well, all the pains are gone, … there remains silence, peace and contact with nature”

Aldo Ferrucci en pleine plongée

And ideas to change his job ?

In his profession, and mainly in the field of TEK diving and rebreather diving. Aldo Ferrucci TEK diver is aware that he must always listen, be attentive to new techniques and knowledge, …. He says he learns from all and he understands that it also changes the way he works and teaches.

“My last year’s course is different from last month’s course”

In order to improve his quality of life, he would appreciate to travel less to dedicate a little more time to the people who are dear to him.

From a professional point of view, Aldo would also like to have more time for longer dive classes. Unfortunately, it is noticeable that the diving market is becoming more difficult.

“The competition offers sometimes very low prices and shorter training times, with probably a decrease in quality and safety,” says Aldo

But still a love for the underwater world …

Despite the difficulties. It is the pleasure of diving that remains the strongest and Aldo continues to enjoy diving in the Mediterranean, Cavalaire in France or Genoa in Italy but also in more distant countries such as Polynesia, Socorro in New Mexico or in the sublime Red Sea.

And dreams for future dives

When I ask him what is his dream of a diver, Aldo answers me very simply:


And yes he would probably love to stay much longer under water.

More realistically, it is clearly the discovery of a beautiful wreck that would crown his TEK diving instructor career. Discovery that he would like to share with all his best friends.

Wreck Hunter like Aldo Ferrucci TEK diver ?

Aldo Ferrucci TEK diver becomes regularly, the time of some dives, a wreck hunter.
This was particularly the case for the discovery of a “Me 323 Gigant”

“The proof that when looking for a wreck, i’s the wreck that decides when she wants to be discovered, I lived it in the case of a Me 323 Gigant north of Sardinia. “

Aldo Ferrucci TEK diver had been searching for it for a long time and had spent many dives to determine where this wreck was. One day, after a week of unsuccessful searches. A fisherman tells him that he has recovered a piece of aircraft with a French plate. Using a APV would help him.

Disappointed by the unsuccessful searches of the past week. Aldo Ferrucci TEK diver decides to do their last dive of their stay on a wreck instead of continuing to dive into the mud.

For hours, they wait for the fisherman to take them to the place of his discovery. As they are about to give up, the fisherman joins them and he goes to the site while. On arrival, they find that the sounder clearly indicates a profile corresponding to a wreck. Quickly, Aldo Ferrucci TEK diver and the other divers get into the water with a 30-minute maximum bottom time because they had already dived deep in the morning.

When reaching the bottom the team can not repress a disappointment by seeing that the “profile” is actually a beautiful rock shaped like a wreck and filled with gorgonians. However, divers still decide to explore the site to please themselves. After 28 minute, the divers suddenly spot a shadow. Then a piece of wing, then another, … to finally discover an engine with a propeller belonging to a plane. The team ventures a little further and finds the rest of the wreck.

No Doubt Possible. Stunned and happy. Diver find that this is the wreck they’ve been searching for for so long and are more than 15 miles away from their search area!

It is for all these discoveries and other pleasures that give him the wonderful world of diving that Aldo continues. Relentlessly and passionately to follow his dream by allowing others to realize theirs.

It’s hard to tell in one article the passionate life of Aldo Ferrucci TEK diver. Also, if you want to discover his job. Start TEK diving and / or meet this friendly character, I invite you to discover his web site (in Italian but Aldo Ferrucci is also fluent in english 😉) or to find it on his Facebook page.

The meeting with Aldo shows once again the happiness and the spark of life that shine in the eyes of all those passionate who dared, one day, to meet their dream.

And you, what is YOUR dream, same as Aldo Ferrucci TEK diver ?

Leave a comment below to discuss your wildest dreams

And above all … do not forget to be happy 🤗

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