Un plongeur utilise un propulseur ou scooter sous-marin en plongée.

This week, I suggest you discover a very different way of diving. You could just forget your fins.

Indeed, if the divers used to work their fins stroke to make it effective. The evolution of the techniques allows today to dive without effort and without shortness of breath.

Invented for Italian combat swimmers at the end of the World War I, the submarine scooter is today also used by recreational divers.

But in fact what is the underwater scooter, can I use it without fins ?

It is called a underwater scooter, a diving thruster or a scuba scooter, of variable shape and size. Will it replace fins ? This is a self-propelled device that allows the diver to move quickly and effortlessly. The submarine thrusters suitable for recreational dives are relatively light (about 8kg) and designed to go to depths from 0 to -150m depending on the model.

Their price varies between a few hundred euros to more than 1500 €. This much more expensive than fins.
It is therefore important to clearly define the use that you will make of it before you decide of a purchase 😉

Ideal for diving from the beach or to evolve around large sites (some wrecks), this underwater scooter is a way for some divers to see more while having fun.

Speed ​​fans will be delighted as the underwater thruster can go up to an approximate speed of 5km / h. If on the surface this speed can seem fun, under water you really feel propelled by the craft.

The diving vehicle is far from being silent even if the progress takes into account this improvement. In addition to disturbing other divers, could this practice disturb wildlife?

On the other hand, the underwater thruster requires caution not to go too fast and risk the decompression accident. It is also advisable to do an initiation with a professional of this type of diving before going alone and with fins. Other disadvantages could be the danger in case of poor visibility (collision), the fragility of certain models (see the forums on this subject) or the lack of observation of the environment due to the speed of exploration.

To be followed.

Do you have diving experience with an underwater thruster or only with fins ? Share it here with us.

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Photo: Adam Sherez