Une femme fait de la plongée en piscine

Last week, a post I wrote about women diving ended up on a blog dedicated to diving. It triggered such an outcry that moderators simply removed it! Some Internet users just started insulting themselves. This was a pity because, of course, everyone has the right to express themselves.

The post dealt with the question of whether a woman can dive when she has menstruation (do not hesitate to share it). Women diving must not be limited.

For experienced divers and women diving. The question does not arise, but when you start diving and you watch this video.


We are entitled to ask ourselves whether the blood of menstruation will not actually play the role of bait for sharks.

We want to dive but not be eaten

Of course, divers know that sharks are not attracted by human blood. But they will enjoy the blood of a good bluefin tuna, a jackfish or some other very tender fish.

Still, through some of unfriendly exchanges of some Internet users, a suggestion came regularly (and forcefully) by one of them. He seemed relatively disgusted or outraged that we could talk about menstruation on a diving blog. He proposed that this type of post be reserved for groups that could be something like “Women scuba diving”

Are lady divers so different from other divers ?

Should they be isolated in special groups safe from men divers ?

As I reflect,

I see women divers bring unique perspectives. We’re not so different, just diverse. Isolating them in special groups seems unnecessary. Women divers contribute richly to the dive community. They bring their own strengths and insights. Inclusivity benefits everyone in the diving world. Women divers enhance the diversity of experiences. We all share the same passion for the ocean. Diving knows no gender boundaries. We dive as individuals, united by our love for the sea. Women divers break stereotypes and inspire others. They deserve equal respect and opportunities in diving. Creating safe spaces for women diving can foster empowerment. Yet, integration promotes understanding and unity. Let’s embrace diversity within the diving community. Together, we explore the wonders of the ocean. Each diver, regardless of gender, adds value to our shared experiences. So, let’s celebrate the contributions of women divers. They enrich our diving adventures in countless ways.

Can’t they be part of the great scuba diving community ?

In my opinion, it is questionable that in 2017 women’s problems can be relegated aside and classify human beings according to gender. Are we not all human beings who are passionate about scuba diving? Women diving can not be strange words

This gentleman did not seem disturbed by problems of decompression. Otitis or even a combination of tobacco and scuba diving. Which could without concern be debated on the group but menstruation of women diving. What an horror !

The proposal to relegate this article to a closed group reserved for women is definitely not a very good idea.

There is more than half of the human beings on earth who are women. They must therefore be part of the world in its own right, including diving, without discrimination.

Is diving really not an activity for women ?

I am deeply convinced that women and men have every interest in coming together on their similarities and not in separating themselves from their differences. By integrating the world of scuba diving, women will be able to bring their specific characteristics, … to enrich the captivating universe of this activity that fascinates us and unites us.

And how do you feel about this issue ? Feel free to leave a comment below.

And…do not forget to be happy …


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