Des sextoys de la campagne Ocean Dildos

 Ocean Dildos Campaign

Ocean Dildos Campaign, a hardcore campaign prohibited for people under 18 years of age to preserve the oceans.

Regularly I talk about innovation to clean the oceans but also to recycle the plastic recovered in the oceans. Let’s talk about ocean dildos

Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose and thousands of tons are dumped every year in the oceans … Horror!

I became deeply concerned about the impact of plastic pollution on our oceans and ready to listen to this Ocean Dildos Campaign. To understand the scale of the problem, I decided to explore using a submarine drone. With the drone, I witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of plastic waste beneath the surface. Schools of fish swimming through discarded plastic bags was a heartbreaking sight. The drone’s footage revealed the extent of the problem, with vast stretches of ocean marred by floating debris.

Using the submarine drone and Ocean Dildos Campaign

I navigated through underwater landscapes tainted by plastic. It was alarming to see marine life entangled in plastic nets and debris. Witnessing turtles struggling to swim amidst plastic waste left a profound impact on me. The drone’s camera captured images of seabirds picking at plastic fragments, mistaking them for food. The ocean, once teeming with life, now resembled a graveyard of plastic. This is why this Ocean Dildos Campaign is important.

Driven by a desire to make a difference, I documented the drone’s findings and shared them widely. The footage served as a wake-up call, highlighting the urgent need for action. Inspired by what I witnessed, I joined efforts to advocate for stricter regulations on plastic use and disposal. Additionally, I supported local cleanup initiatives to remove plastic waste from beaches and coastal areas. Through education and awareness, I aimed to inspire change and protect our oceans from further harm caused by plastic pollution.

In the face of this environmental crisis

I realized the importance of individual action in combating plastic pollution like this Ocean Dildos Campaign. By reducing plastic consumption, recycling diligently, and supporting initiatives that promote sustainable practices, we can all contribute to preserving our oceans. The journey with the submarine drone not only opened my eyes to the severity of the issue but also fueled my determination to be part of the solution.

Also, MTV Brasil hit hard; to make the public aware of the urgency of preserving the oceans, they have imagined a daring Ocean Dildos Campaign shocking and very striking with ocean dildos of all colours.

The slogan “Do not f * ck the ocean, do it with yourself” is meant to be explicit and straightforward.


Written on colorful sextoys made of recycled plastic (recovered in the oceans), the message referring to the website of Ocean Dildos which also proposes advice to live without plastic. This Ocean Dildos Campaign is quite unique and might shok but this is the idea.

  • Reduce plastic in your life by preferring products made from other materials
  • Use recyclable bags and not disposable plastic bags!
  • In 2017, no longer use plastic cups but prefer mugs, glasses
  • Avoid cosmetics using highly polluting polyethylene
  • Acquire the reflex to take with you a container to take back your waste when you go to the beach (it falls under the sense, right?)
  • Recycle the plastic by placing it in the places provided for this purpose

The Ocean Dildos sextoys, packed in colored boxes depicting sea animals in the form of sextoys, are meant to be an effective alternative Ocean Dildos Campaign to shock with the goal of fighting for the preservation of the seas and oceans.

A Ocean Dildos Campaign that will undoubtedly mark the spirits for a greater awareness of the importance of preserving the precious marine environment especially for our eyes of divers … and still speaking of pleasure …

We will not forget: “Help, preserve marine life … Recycle your f * cking plastics

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